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    Everyone here is invited to join...
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    great video thank you

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    IM DanielRensch

    Thanks everyone. More MA videos coming Wink


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    Goood analysis, nice rhyme to remember...don't worry too much about the length of the video as long as you are emphasising the crucial points. Thanks a lot for the nice video.

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    Why not play Ba3 after a5?

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    brilliant daniel

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    Very good stuff!  Running into KID more and more often these days.

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    get to the base, win the race... got it!

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    Really good one Danny. I just think your former "how's it going everybody" greeting was more rhythmic than the new standard ..."everyone". I reckon it must be the more balanced 8 syllables vs. the 7. perhaps you'll consider going back to the old intro. Otherwise, everything else is great. ;-)

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    great lesson, great presentation, i love chess.com

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    great video.  I like these concept kind of videos.  It's great to getting an overview of what's going on in these openings.  Thanks Danny!

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    i dont mind the long talking sessions. Great video!

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    Yah.  keep the vids as long as they need to be.  During your videos, you do wonders answering the most frequent question I have:  "Why?".  I can listen to the answer to that one all day long.

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    My god, Opening Theory is just disgustingly fascinating. Danny, do you know of any great books that discuss major themes along with the actual moves for openings? I'm currently reading "the art of chess" by morphy which has all the moves but doesn't really discuss overarching themes.

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    NM Bab3s

    You think these member analysis videos are too long and you need to talk less? The amount of time is just fine; after all, if people have the attention span for a 90-minute lecture, then a 40-minute video is nothing.

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    Lol, from "dr evil's" perspective, Great vid, more King's Indian stuff in general!!

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    Great video! I seem to be watching loads of King's Indian's lately and it's currently not even a part of my repertoire which I've been advised to book-up on because it suits my playing style.

    Speaking of youtube, I've watched lots of chess on there recently, by lots of different authors and websites, but nothing ever beats a 40-min chess.com lesson by you Danny! #1 always Cool

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    Live sessions

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