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    I think to expect to be able to pull that off, efficiently and consistently, in the exchange ruy---trade everything off and win the king and pawn endgame because of black's crippled queenside (it is in fact a technically winning endgame and rybka will win it everytime)---you would have to be of at least expert strength if not higher. I was talking to an IM at some point and he strongly implied (by saying 3 words in a certain tone of voice) that winning that endgame with no problem is something that a 2000 or higher level player should be able to do consistently with little issue (he didn't explicitly state this. I just somehow someway picked up on the clear indications he gave).

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    5.33 "We do not need to look at this". It is not clear to me why this is so bad for black, please give a possible line.

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    I'm not very familiar with the Ruy Lopez, the exchange variation is the one I have personally seen the most, nice and instructive lesson!

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    Great Video! 

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    Spot ON!

    Can you make a video explaining the pawn structures (Exchange variation & Berlin Wall, etc.) and through games illustrate WHERE the pieces belong and what each side should be striving to achieve.  

    That would be very helpful.  

    Again, Spot ON!!!

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    Very informative analysis. Thank you very much, GM Dzindzi! Smile

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    Good video. The Ruy is too complex for me so I use Queen Pawn openings.

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    Yeah; it's a good instruction; I remember thinking, well, this is a nice simple opening. No. It's not.

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    The Ruy Lopez; developed by a Spanish Monk in when? 15xx something? And still, completely playable and competititve. An amazing opening. There are many, many traps and gambits, also. some of my best losses came from this thing!

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    The great quality chess videos available for the prices offered here are one of the best bargains I have even seen in chess instruction.  Asking these instructors to work for free is unreasonable and impolite.  Thanks for another great lesson GM Dzindzichashvili!

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    yeah please let free members see full video...

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    i didnt see any video

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    @dezsoracz In his My 60 Memorable Games Fischer gives 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Bxc6 bxc6? 5. d4 exd4 6. Qxd4!? and white has a lasting initiative. Black has a really hard time getting his pieces out and white has a very easy game. After 6. ... Qf6 he gives for example Qd3, and black has almost nothing he can do.

    If he transposes to an endgame the a-pawn will be really weak. In the middle-game he just won't have enough active squares. That's why i'd discourage taking with the b-pawn :) 

    Thanks for the video, GM Dzindzichashvili, I enjoyed it!

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    I liked it, how ever my opponents never turn to that direction.     O wait, I usually take with the g pawn, so that cant work for me.    Thanks  Grand Mester.

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    PLease allow free members to see full videos :/

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    Really nice video.  At ~4:13, b6 is exactly the kind of move a beginner like me is tempted to make, always thinking it's a good idea to prepare a fianchetto.

    Thanks for the instruction!

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