Andrew Paulson Steps Down as ECF President

  • PeterDoggers
  • on 09.03.14, 11:19.

On Saturday it was announced that Andrew Paulson has resigned as President of the English Chess Federation. In a statement on the ECF website it is written that the Board of the federation accepts Mr Paulson's resignation, but nominates him for the position of Deputy President of the European Chess Union. Last month Mr Paulson had lost a vote of confidence at an extraordinary meeting of the Board, but decided not to step down.

Saturday, March 8th at noon a message was posted on the website of the English Chess Federation, saying that Andrew Paulson has stepped down as President. Here's the full text:

“The English Chess Federation Board resolved nem con on 7 March 2014 to amicably settle an internal matter.

The Board has today accepted the resignation of Andrew Paulson as President. The Board gratefully recognises Andrew Paulson’s contributions to English chess, from his organising of the FIDE Grand Prix and Candidates Tournaments in London to his untiring service since his election as President. Further, the Board nominates Andrew Paulson for the position of Deputy President of the European Chess Union and looks forward to a close and constructive collaboration between the ECU and the ECF. The Board recommends that the ECF Council at its April meeting approves a Motion to give Andrew Paulson standing during the ECU General Assembly election meeting in Tromsø in August by designating him as the official ECF Delegate at that meeting.”

The following statement by Mr Paulson was quoted by Chessdom:

“Yesterday’s Board Meeting was an opportunity to address differences through compromise. We are all happy and parted friends and look forward to working together going forward.”

Soon after the news came out, the FIDE Delegate of the English Chess Federation, GM Nigel Short, tweeted:

On the English Chess Forum Mr Short confirmed that the resignation of Mr Paulson and his nomination for the position of ECU Deputy President was a compromise solution to the stalemate position of the English Chess Federation's leadership.

“Guys, this was a compromise by the Board (at my expense) to get rid of Andrew Paulson as President immediately. He has now gone - and good riddance too. On the downside, he now has 7 votes in his favour, out of c.300 at the Council meeting. Hopefully the ECF members will have the good sense not to support him in the ECU. Doing so would be a vote for the entirely unsuitable Candidate, Zurab Azmaiparashvili. It would also very seriously compromise my position as Delegate in favour of a guy who has, in the space of a few short months, lost the confidence of the Board and precipitated his own downfall.”

On February 8th, 2014 in an extraordinary meeting of the Board of the English Chess Federation, its President, Mr Paulson, had lost a vote of confidence. The situation reached an impasse as Mr Paulson decided not to step down.

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  • vor 3 Jahre


    Short has a good reason to disapprove of Paulson. Paulson had considerable business interests which were directly related to his role with the ECF, but he was less than forthcoming about this. Short followed the money, and it led directly to Paulson. Kudos to Short for outing him. This was not an occasion for fine words.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Nigel Short is short of manners. I really dont like him. He'd wear a chessboard if i ever saw him.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Amicable partings and fair compromise are to be sincerely sought, so congratulations to all. 

  • vor 3 Jahre


    lol ... what a joke.  A similar situation occured in Alabama ... they didn't care much for their governor, so they got him to run for President to get him out of the state ....  :p

  • vor 3 Jahre


    As Short says, this is clearly a compromise, a fudge. Short is so full of his own self-importance it beggars belief but it doesn't mean he is wrong on everything.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    o_KingKull_ your opinion that "Chess players, by and large, are not only effeminate nerds..." is a complete joke!  Perhaps you're wearing suspenders and '50's black rim glasses but the vast majority of individuals who play chess would never be viewed as a chess-player unless they were seated before a chessboard.


    1. GM Kosteniuk: She defied the myth that female chess-players are nerdy, morbidly obese or could never land a date if they paid for one.  Knowing her and her wonderful husband you'd never know they were huge internationally in the game of chess.
    2. Nationally syndicated shock jock Howard Stern who is rated in USCF (at last I recall) over 1800 and has been coached by NM Dan Heisman (who today writes a weekely column here on
    3. Actor Will Smith who goes everywhere with a chessboard; is he a huge nerd?!

    *sigh* Tongue Out

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Go Nigel! 

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Of course, changes in the FIDE are needed. Chess is much more than fun, entertainment or something for kids, it is a professional sport. Hopefully, Kasparov will prove this if he is elected for the job.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Politics is all over sports organizations!?

  • vor 3 Jahre


    International chess politics, like local chess politics, is a sad and pathetic spectacle, but it should not surprise us. Chess players, by and large, are not only effeminate nerds, but have below average moral character. I've come to this conclusion after observing the scene for many decades. This combined with the idiotic fantasy that chess could ever be a proper profession, leads to one tragicomedy after another on the world stage. Just like regular politics, I fervently wish that chess politics would disappear.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Nigel is awesome

  • vor 3 Jahre


    nigel sucks

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Losing a "vote of confidence" is far much more terrible than losing the presidential post itself.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely. But Englishmen prove themselves wise as always. Beginning  of end of Kirsan era, Advantage Kasparov.  

  • vor 3 Jahre



  • vor 3 Jahre


    why is nigel so against Andrew Paulson?

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Interesting, thanks.

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