Nakamura Beats Navara 3.5-0.5 in Prague

  • PeterDoggers
  • on 12.06.14, 01:54.

Hikaru Nakamura won his match with David Navara convincingly. The final score was 3.5-0.5 in favor of the American, who started with two wins, got into trouble but drew the third and then finished with another win. Nakamura clinched the Cez Chess Trophy in Prague in a four-game match.

Games 3 and 4 were played on Monday and Tuesday - see our report on the first match here. The final, 3.5-0.5 score, was perhaps not a perfect reflection of the players' chances in this match, because Navara came quite close to a win in the third game. 

Repeating the 6.h3 King's Indian, the Czech number one got a promising position when Nakamura “forgot” the move ...Bd7 before playing ...f5. About four times Navara could have played a more forceful move, while in the game he only kept a slight edge in the ending and Nakamura managed to hold it.

Navara and Nakamura just before the game

But in game four the roles were reversed again, and it was Nakamura who was dealing the cards. Right from the opening, a 6.Qc2 Semi-Slav, White held an advantage, despite the symmetrical pawn structure. While the American was developing his pieces to natural squares, Navara couldn't find a good setup. He did make some good practical choices, like giving an Exchange and then even his queen, but in the long run the Czech couldn't hold his fortress.

A laptop-assisted and well attended post-mortem/press conference

With these four games Nakamura won 12.2 rating points according to the live ratings website, and he climbed to #5 in the world, passing Anand & Kramnik.

Match score

Name Rtg G1 G2 G3 G4 Pts Perf
Nakamura, Hikaru 2775 1 1 ½ 1 3.5 3062
Navara, David 2724 0 0 ½ 0 0.5 2437
Clinching the trophyxxx

Photos © Anežka Kružíková courtesy of the Prague Chess Society. | Games via TWIC.

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  • vor 24 Monate


    yes! Hikaru vs the world!!

  • vor 24 Monate


    I love Nakamura but he has to stop losing vs Carlsen because he makes it too easy for Carlsen to win tournaments, specially if the tournament is double round robin. 

    I will like to see a match Aronian vs Nakamura.

  • vor 24 Monate


    Yet again the czechs try to push their giant red piece on the chess world.

  • vor 24 Monate


    What was the prize money in this match?

  • vor 24 Monate


    I think the trophy is different and unique compare to other more similiar trophy Naka might already has.  I think it's cute.  Maybe he like it.

  • vor 24 Monate


    "the trophy looks terrible!"

    It's like the Nobel committee deciding to use, as major awards, the take-home-to-your-mommy ashtrays from a 1970's primary school art class.

  • vor 24 Monate


    Congrats Naka!!

  • vor 24 Monate


    Though I'd've been happy to win it,the trophy looks terrible!

  • vor 24 Monate


    Congratulations, GM Hikaru! For what it is worth, you always have my support.

  • vor 24 Monate


    Good work, great job. But one problem, I don't like players who surpass anand's rating.

  • vor 24 Monate




    I enjoyed your match and thought that you played very well . The only bad move I saw was that f5?! in the second KID but we only knew it was bad because the computer said so. You were able to blow away a 2700 plus player 3.5-0.5 which is a special performance. Do you think that the position in your last game was technically winning once you found the g4 idea near the second time control?

  • vor 24 Monate


    well, not that I've been quite a supporter of Naka, but

    al César lo que es del César

    great played

    Hope to see Navara at his prime soon, that must hurt

  • vor 24 Monate

    NM prakash510

    Many congratulations to Hikaru on winning this in style! Time to take on sauron with such good form?! :)

  • vor 24 Monate


    GM Hikaru  

    As long as people are respectful, why should I not comment? Frankly, I find it rather off putting that so many top players are elitist and ignore the common fans. We all had to start somewhere once upon a time! 

    An awesome outlook.

    Just had an idea...since has not started up and new public votechess yet since they all finished...

    How about a Nakamura vs. The World votechess game?

  • vor 24 Monate


    Congratulations GM Hikaru Nakamura. Huge fan of yours and hoping you and eventually Wesley So bring up USchess. Our family home used to be in White Plains, NY.

  • vor 24 Monate


    congrats on a very smooth performance, I'm a HUGE fan

    now it's time to dismantle carlsen... U.S.A.

  • vor 24 Monate

    GM Hikaru

    As long as people are respectful, why should I not comment? Frankly, I find it rather off putting that so many top players are elitist and ignore the common fans. We all had to start somewhere once upon a time! 

  • vor 24 Monate


    Woahh, Naka commented on this thread! Not something every GM does. :)

  • vor 24 Monate


    good job mr naka

  • vor 24 Monate

    GM Hikaru

    @b2b2 Correction, matches which are more than 2 games are my forte! My record in 2 game matches from World Cup events is fairly mediocre. 

    At any rate, David is a very strong player who just didn't find the right moves when it counted.

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