Geneva Masters Starts Wednesday

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The first Geneva Chess Masters starts on Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland. It's a brand new rapid tournament where three World Champions and a female chess legend will be playing, as well as three participants of the recently concluded Tal Memorial!

The first Geneva Chess Masters will take place from June 26th-30th, 2013 in the Pitoeff Theater in Geneva. The tournament will be held under the patronage of the City Council of Geneva and organized by the Geneva Chess Federation (Fédération Genevoise d’Echecs).

The players will be fighting each other in two four-player groups, in order to qualify for a knockout phase with semi-finals and eventually a Grand Final. The following eight players will appear on the stage of the Pitoeff Theater:

  • Vladimir Kramnik (Russia), world number 4 in the live rankings, World Champion from 2000 to 2007 and conqueror of the great Garry Kasparov;
  • Judit Polgar (Hungary), the greatest female player of all time, who has defeated nine male World Champions;
  • Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan), the newly crowned World Rapid Champion;
  • Hikaru Nakamura (USA), world number 8 in the live rankings, legend of bullet chess;
  • Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia), Women’s World Champion from 2008 to 2010;
  • Etienne Bacrot (France), former World Champion U10 and U12, 6-times French champion and well-known member of the French Olympic team;
  • Romain Edouard (France), former European Champion U16, well-known member of the French Olympic team;
  • Yannick Pelletier, best Swiss player, 4-times Swiss Champion.

The players will be playing short matches; each match starts with two rapid games (25 minutes + 10 seconds increment per move). If the score is still equal, the match proceeds with two blitz games (4 minutes + 2 seconds increment per move). Finally, if necessary, an Armageddon blitz game is played (Black has one minute less but can afford a draw to qualify, whereas White must win).

The drawing of lots for the pairings will be performed during the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, June 25th at 18:00pm CET (12:00 EDT, 09:00 PDT). The first round starts on Wednesday, June 26th at 15:30 CET (09:30 EDT, 06:30 PDT).

***Update: You can follow the action live here.***

The qualifying phase takes place from June 26th to 28th. The semi-finals are to be played on Saturday, June 29th and the final on Sunday, June 30th. All games will be transmitted live on the Internet and spectators will have the possibility to follow the games with French and English commentary.

At the same venue an open tournament will take place with an A group (9 rounds, >1800 Elo) and a B group (7 rounds,

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  • vor 3 Jahre


    Mamedyarov won the final.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    why no update on this? This tournament is almost over and not one update

  • vor 3 Jahre


    does are my predictions Cool

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Kramnik 1st Judith Polgar 2nd Alexandra kosteniuk 3rd : Alexandras profile :

  • vor 3 Jahre


    yes go kramnik

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Go Kramnik!!

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Naka!!! excitement for the fans :)

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Was anyone else having trouble following it on the official site yesterday? When I was looking at it, I could only watch Kramnik - Mamedyarov or Polgar - Pelletier, and even then it got stuck on one of their blitz games.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    I'll go for my favourite chess player, "The Conqueror of Garry Kasparov" - Vladimir Kramnik! Show them what you got!

  • vor 3 Jahre


    nakamura! have some kitkat mate! i know you love chess but maybe you need some break even for a week or so! LOL --just saying.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Where is Kortchnoi? 

  • vor 3 Jahre


    @SonofPearl Thanks, link added!

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Naka will Win!!! Hope Kramnik and Naka have recovered from recent tourney losses...;-(

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Thanks for the link, SonofPearl. Bookmarked. I see that you've been enjoying these excellent news articles. Peace.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Go Naka!!! and/or Polgar!!!!  (the two most exciting players on the ticket)
    Snoris Gelfand just played strategically at Tal, drawing a lot--never pushing the envelope--and then winning (2 of 3 as black) when others overreached and DID push the envelope.  He was lucky not to come in 2nd to Carlsen, while Naka and Morozevich played some nice games, even when they lost...and Kramnik and Karjakin didn't win a single game!  I do hope Naka gets revenge against Mamedyarov.

  • vor 3 Jahre


  • vor 3 Jahre


    Naka needs a break sometime. 

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Woaah, I want to compete! I bet I would finish last. Wink

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Nakamura is playing way too much.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    So IF (big if) my Elo was 1850 am I A group or B group? Either way this looks like it could be an exciting tournament. I'm hoping for some sharp play from Kramnik and Polgar.

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