Anand-Carlsen Game 7 Drawn in 32 Moves - UPDATE: VIDEO

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  • on 18.11.13, 04:12.

The seventh game of the World Championship match in Chennai between Viswanathan Anand, playing the white pieces, and Magnus Carlsen ended in a draw after 32 moves. In another 4.d3 Berlin Ruy Lopez, Anand chose a quiet, positional variation and both sides castled queenside. After the h-file was opened, all rooks were traded and the resulting ending with QN vs QN was a dead draw. Anand must score a win (or rather two) in the next few games, while Carlsen needs only 2.0/5 to become the next world champion.


After the double blow on Friday and Saturday, World Champion Vishy Anand had a day to recover and another white game on Monday. Many chess fans expected him to go "all in" and take some risks. Maybe even change his opening to 1.d4. Anything. But Anand went for the Berlin Ruy Lopez again, and playing 5.Bxc6, he preferred a calm approach.

“I chose a line that actually both of us have played quite a bit in the past. You get a very slow, maneuvering kind of game. (...) I thought I might be able to press a little bit. It's not huge, but... somehow I was not able to make it happen.”

Anand explained at the press conference that the other big plan for white was to play for f4. Maybe he should have gone for that, because the early h2-h4-h5xg6 didn't give him much. “Swapping all the rooks gives him adequate counterplay,” said the Indian.

Carlsen was obviously satisfied with how the game went. “There are many different plans but whatever you play, it's usually quite slow. I thought I was doing more or less fine; just a little bit worse but nothing real. It's always going to be a tiny bit more pleasant for white but my pieces are well developed and I have no particular weaknesses so I don't think I should be in any major trouble.”

To many chess fans, Anand's quiet approach was a surprise. Hikaru Nakamura wrote one of the sharpest tweets of the day:

Anand admitted that he didn't get much as White: “Obviousy after the last two games it's nice to break this result but... I was hoping for, you know, to be able to press him a little bit and I didn't manage very much to be honest.”

One journalist asked about the psychological aspect of the match. Anand only wanted to admit that "they are there", while Carlsen gave a longer answer: “Of course there are some psychological aspects. For instance there was no doubt that the outcome of game 5 influenced the next game. I think that's unavoidable in a match, so that's little bit different [from tournaments]. You just try to move on as best as you can but it's not so easy, especially if you lost of course.”

A Russian grandmaster who has worked with Carlsen in the past, tweeted:

Although it's too early to state that Anand has thrown in the towel, he was surprisingly cheerful at the press conference. To the question whether his team is passing on the messages that are coming in via the social media, he replied with a smile: “In general if they think I should know something they let me know. I don't know what they're not telling me!”

Carlsen answered the same question: “I've been following it just a little bit. I'm very happy, very thankful for all of those who wish me well and for those who don't I don't read it anyway!”

The score is 4.5-2.5 in favor of the challenger, who will play with the white pieces tomorrow. It will be interesting to see whether Anand will change his opening strategy and or and start playing for a win as Black. At the same time, the question is what kind of Carlsen we will see. As the 13th World Champion tweeted on Sunday:

World Championship 2013

Name Rtg G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 G10 G11 G12 Pts Perf
Carlsen 2870 ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 1 ½ 4.5 2877
Anand 2775 ½ ½ ½ ½ 0 0 ½ 2.5 2768
Vishy Anand again sat down at the board first...
...while Carlsen preferred to stay in the rest area a bit longer
After shaking hands for the 7th time...
...and filling out the notation form...
...Carlsen actually left the stage, and returned at the board...
...only 18 seconds before the start. The term "zero tolerance" could be heard in the playing hall!

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  • vor 3 Jahre


    I'm sorry to say but Anand seems to be timid to get into tactical positions against Carlsen and this will simply be one of the major reasons why he is losing. It's considerably impossible to outplay Carlsen in quiet position where nothing is happening and still Anand choose those lines. I'm rather confident that we will receive a new champion.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Vishy have a plan and he will definitly execute it. :)

  • vor 3 Jahre


    me parece que sera muy dificil para Anand tan siquiera igualar a Carlsen.

  • vor 3 Jahre

    IM pfren

    This match is over. Anand clearly does not have the stamina to fight back, his opponent is clearly too good for him.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    I don't understand why vishy didnt play something different the rock solid two knights variation through transposition, guico pianisimo (a different opening attempt at least), d4 why not?, f4 interesting, or go for broke kings gambit? All of these could lead Magnus to at least the opportunity for an inferior variation that Vishy could monopolize on. The match is realistically now over. Going down without a fight is nothing to proud of.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    I am in total agreement with all statements made by Barracuda7018...Fischer was the greatest and Kasparov was second in line. Mangus Carlsen IS the second coming of Bobby Fischer and will have a stronger impact on how this game is played than even Bobby had ! This Pit Bull called Carlsen is simply unstoppable !!!!

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Even when he is in the losing position, Anand still show grace, dignity, integrity, and along with humility and wisdom.  Such is a man of superior understanding and soul.  Besides the talent of the game, the person should also be judge.  That make Anand so great!!

  • vor 3 Jahre


    I'm still always.  Lol

  • vor 3 Jahre


    I believe Anand was telling the truth when he said he was looking for a slow position with possibility to press. I think it was the right strategy, the two losses were a psychological blow.

    I think the remaining games will be interesting.

    Here is a scenario for the next game. Carlsen plays 1.e4 aiming for a draw, Anand risks the Sicilian, and goes down in a great fight.

    Increadibly impressive play by Carlsen so far - he can be compared favorably to any giant in chess history.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Do we detect somewhat of a "resigination" in Anand already????

  • vor 3 Jahre


    I think Anand needed this draw to calm his nerves and recompose himself. Going into this game with guns blazing would have been unnecessarily risky for him.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    I just hope that Magnus will continue to play very aggressively, and play to win. I would rather see him finish like Fischer, playing for a win every time.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Five games to go....wait and watch ANAND'S MAGIC.

    Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

  • vor 3 Jahre


    one win for Anand, and it will all start getting more tense..hopefully that one win would come in the next 2 games..I still think Vishy has it in him to fight back...

  • vor 3 Jahre


    gud carlsen its nice to win the championship

  • vor 3 Jahre


    I hope something good will come out tomorrow.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Right!! Thanks Protomelas and mistermax

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Vishy fears to lose a game more than he wants to win,it is easy to say but now its the time for all in,altough i think it is bit to late for Anand.The best he can do now it is to die like a man even if that means losing few more games.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    I just noticed that watching game of two best players in the world having computer evalutaion somewhere nearby is somehow pointless. I dont look for any unsound sacrifices or some new ideas - just "the best computer moves" which are leading to draw ;) Do i really want that ? 

  • vor 3 Jahre


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