2012/13 Schachbundesliga

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bundesliga_logo_2010.gifThe 2012/13 season of the German chess league, the Schachbundesliga, starts this weekend.

The Schachbundesliga is one of the strongest national chess leagues in the world, with 271 top players from 31 countries competing for the 16 league teams.

OSG Baden-Baden will be aiming to win a remarkable 8th consecutive league title, having completed seven in a row last year.

Star members of the OSG squad this year include Magnus Carlsen, Lev Aronian, Vishy Anand, Peter Svidler, Michael Adams, Alexei Shirov, Etienne Bacrot and Arkadij Naiditsch.

The first round is on Saturday 20 October at 14:00 local time (12:00 UTC), and the second round on Sunday 21 October at 10:00 (08:00 UTC).

The official website has a great live interface for following the games.  The 2012/13 league season concludes in April 2013.

The top 50 rated players in the 2012/13 Scachbundesliga

Name  Fed Team Elo 
1 Carlsen,Magnus NOR OSG Baden-Baden  2843
2 Aronian,Levon ARM OSG Baden-Baden  2816
3 Anand,Viswanathan IND OSG Baden-Baden  2780
4 Svidler,Peter RUS OSG Baden-Baden  2747
5 Giri,Anish NED SK Turm Emsdetten  2730
6 Adams,Michael ENG OSG Baden-Baden  2722
7 Volokitin,Andrei UKR SF Katernberg  2718
8 Fressinet,Laurent FRA Werder Bremen  2714
9 Shirov,Alexei LAT OSG Baden-Baden  2714
10 McShane,Luke James ENG Werder Bremen  2713
11 Wojtaszek,Radoslav POL Hamburger SK  2713
12 Bologan,Victor MDA SC Eppingen  2712
13 Naiditsch,Arkadij GER OSG Baden-Baden  2712
14 Bacrot,Etienne FRA OSG Baden-Baden  2705
15 Movsesian,Sergej ARM OSG Baden-Baden  2705
16 Areshchenko,Alexander UKR Werder Bremen  2702
17 Vitiugov,Nikita RUS SV Wattenscheid  2699
18 Vachier-Lagrave,Maxime FRA SV Mülheim Nord  2697
19 Vallejo Pons,Francisco ESP OSG Baden-Baden  2697
20 Navara,David CZE SV Mülheim Nord  2691
21 Harikrishna,Pentala IND SC Eppingen  2690
22 Efimenko,Zahar UKR Werder Bremen  2689
23 Kryvoruchko,Yuriy UKR SF Katernberg  2686
24 Berkes,Ferenc HUN SC Eppingen  2685
25 Kasimdzhanov,Rustam UZB OSG Baden-Baden  2684
26 Alekseev,Evgeny RUS Wiesbadener SV  2682
27 Ragger,Markus AUT SG Solingen  2677
28 Gyimesi,Zoltan HUN SC Eppingen  2674
29 Tiviakov,Sergei NED SC Eppingen  2674
30 Grachev,Boris RUS SV Mülheim Nord  2672
31 Balogh,Csaba HUN SC Eppingen  2668
32 Najer,Evgeniy RUS SV Wattenscheid  2664
33 Potkin,Vladimir RUS SV Mülheim Nord  2663
34 Nielsen,Peter-Heine DEN OSG Baden-Baden  2662
35 Kurnosov,Igor RUS Wiesbadener SV  2660
36 Jones,Gawain C B ENG SG Solingen  2658
37 Motylev,Alexander RUS SV Mülheim Nord  2658
38 Negi,Parimarjan IND SF Katernberg  2658
39 Fridman,Daniel GER SV Mülheim Nord  2657
40 Bartel,Mateusz POL SV Wattenscheid  2654
41 Mchedlishvili,Mikheil GEO SK Turm Emsdetten  2652
42 Melkumyan,Hrant ARM Schachfreunde Berlin  2650
43 Khenkin,Igor GER Wiesbadener SV  2648
44 Nisipeanu,Liviu-Dieter ROU OSG Baden-Baden  2648
45 Erdoes,Viktor HUN SG Trier  2643
46 Landa,Konstantin RUS SV Mülheim Nord  2641
47 Lenic,Luka SLO SV Hockenheim  2640
48 Howell,David W L ENG SG Trier  2638
49 Nikolic,Predrag BIH SG Solingen  2638
50 Postny,Evgeny ISR SC Eppingen  2637


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  • vor 4 Jahre


    lol@ritamendy43, that must be the worst attempt at a scam ever! I think double question marks are in order for that move (??)

  • vor 4 Jahre


    OSG Baden-Baden is potentially strong, but the "big names" appear and play only sometimes. For example, this weekend was the start of the new season, there was no Carlsen, no Vishy, and so on...

  • vor 4 Jahre

    WGM Natalia_Pogonina

    @Pulpfriction The Bundesliga generally implies coming over for a day or two many times during the year. That's why mostly European players who live close to Germany are participating. I decided not to compete there for this very reason - too much traveling.

  • vor 4 Jahre


    @kalamobawal .. LOL!!! =D Could you imagine Anand as head of state?! The country would be deadlocked in mediocrity. Not doing really good, but not really bad either.. If Anand was asked which he would rather "die or live" his answer would be: "Can't I have both? It seems safer that way. You know, just living is like sticking my head out there, you know?! And dying is like.. like, dying doesn't appeal that much to me either. Not sure why.."

  • vor 4 Jahre


    Not even one from China.  Surprising.

  • vor 4 Jahre


    What a team! 

  • vor 4 Jahre


    OSG BB seems unfair, spread those players around and make it at least interesting

  • vor 4 Jahre


    Anand will be a great draw contributor to this event.

  • vor 4 Jahre


    Now, OSG BB must be the Word Team, and they do not have many options; but win or win.

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