I'm tired of this daily shutting down of server

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    It's never brilliant on a Droid but mine has been ok for a while now. I have to log in twice on PC though. ;)

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    The droid app has tons of terrible reviews about games freezing midway through. That’s the main reason why I haven’t upgraded my account. If I could play live games on my Nexus and get them all analyzed by chess.com that would be sweeeet.

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    My games work fine, but I don't play live. It's a pain trying to get into the forums on a droid, pages load multiple times and jump about.

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    Yeah, I meant it's the live games that freeze up and cause bad reviews. It wouldn't matter as much if it were the online games freezing up since you should be able to restart the app and make your move in less than 3 days, haha.

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    not to say that it doesn't have any positive effect!

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