Chess Curriculum

Welcoming suggestions for a reasonable self-study chess curriculum: assuming it is for a working adult with say, maximum 1 hour a day for study, Sundays off (rating is 1300 -2000).

Monday: Tactics training (book puzzles or Tactics Trainer)

Tuesday: Strategy (List of books anyone? Beim? Lasker?)

Wednesday: Opening Study (Selection for universal white and black openings and practice against chess computer, no Black Knight's Tango here, just rock solid ones, learn the tree, Man!)

Thursday: Endgame study (Euwe? Fine? Silman?)

Friday: Tactics (again)

Saturday: 5 rated games against human opponents (with computer analysis review tomorrow? Tomorrow???)


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    Well, maybe the solution is not to break down this into fragments, but cycle it and follow a pyramid-style training. Certainly one could see that "functional training" methods of fitness may have a similarity to improvement efforts. That is, not just focusing on say tactics, but incorporate multiple elements into any program.

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    Play a chess? The winner takes the jackpot!

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