Three Vaguely Interesting Recent Blitz Games Of Mine

Here are three vaguely inter... OK, basically what the title said.

First, I actually manage a reasonably sound queen sacrifice against a more or less sober opponent:

Then, after a bizarre opening, I stumble across a simple but strangely pleasing mate:

Finally, one of the weirdest escapes I've had, with an extraordinary final position:


  • vor 3 Jahre

    NM GargleBlaster

    Btw, sorry, forgot to answer your question!  Anyhow, the queen sack was more or less forced, so I didn't really analyze it (especially since it was a three minute game).

  • vor 4 Jahre

    NM GargleBlaster

    Thanks, I'm going to annotate these possibly.  Or not.  One or the other.

  • vor 4 Jahre


    Extraordinary games! Really enjoyable to view. The queen sac was well played (was that intuition, or a forseen plan to win back the material?), the checkmate in game 2 was brutal, and the king looked quite alarmed during most of game 3.

    Thanks for the entertaining post! Strong opponents, too.

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