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  • The road to FM

    Hi, my name is Maarten and i'm writing this blog mostly to become better at chess, infact im training to become an FM. To start off i'll tell you something about myself first. I'm a 26 year old guy that lives in a place called Middelburg in the N... | Mehr lesen

    • Logstoned
    • | 19.09.2016
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  • Superman Tomorrow

    Could I be SupermanTomorrow as you've imagined me  Convictions tearing through a suit that made you a fan of me  I'm tired of always flying high without a care in me  Always looking down at all that's passing me    I don't feel any kind ... | Mehr lesen

  • Training program

    Monday puzzle beginner attraction intermediate player opening of day philidor position | Mehr lesen

    • lbtr74aao
    • | 19.09.2016
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  • A tale of 2 Barry's

    Clearly , my Barry attack still needs alot of work.      The 2nd game was better. Still need to be more familiar with my lines.   Enjoy! | Mehr lesen

    • dr_chessdad
    • | 19.09.2016
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  • 4 pasos básicos para hacer bien las aperturas

    Hay muchos tipos de aperturas y cada una de ellas conlleva un montón de variantes, pero para los jugadores principiantes y no tan principiantes, es suficiente hacer una apertura correcta siguiendo la regla de los 4 pasos:  Regla de los 4 pasos:... | Mehr lesen

    • sebass34
    • | 19.09.2016
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  • A Moment in Your Eyes

    Feel this moment of My love It could never be enough Feel this moment still in time When your heart and soul are mine   Bring that heart and soul to rest Come and lie here on my chest Feel the safest haven known Know my heart like you kno... | Mehr lesen


     TÉCNICAS DE AJEDREZ: El presente texto es una recopilación de las técnicas usadas en ajedrez, que aunque conocidas y usadas por todos, ayudan a entender y comprender la complejidad de este juego. Es importante saberlas, analizarlas y tenerla... | Mehr lesen

    • sebass34
    • | 19.09.2016
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  • The Last Mistake Loses

    The player who admits the last mistake loses the game. In a game of mine - played a week ago - I came in a very unpleasant position after I narrowly took a poisoned pawn. White could have won the game in more than one way, however, he threw away ... | Mehr lesen

    • Adrochatio
    • | 19.09.2016
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  • Scripture: What, How, and Why

    So I haven't done a post in a while due to being busy with schoolwork. So I actually decided since I didn't post so far in Proverbs, to forget about it. I want to talk about scripture. This is the 1st of a 3 Part series. So,as the title says ":Wha... | Mehr lesen

    • jparr1
    • | 18.09.2016
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  • queening

    | Mehr lesen

  • Summertime Blues

    “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” -- Robert Burns   What a summer I've had and it isn't the chess summer I had planned. After a successful eight day chess trip in Philadelphia, I flew home, spent a day in hectic prepa... | Mehr lesen

    • Chessmo
    • | 18.09.2016
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  • Week of September 19, 2016

    Pairings for the Slow Chess League have been posted for the Week of September 19, 2016:  2016/09 League Qualifier Round 3 - September 19-25   101 flyinduck (2.0,2200) vs Keny960 (2.0,1579)  102 Lee Prince (2.0,1346) vs Victor (2.0,1307) ... | Mehr lesen

    • SirIvanhoe
    • | 18.09.2016
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  • filosofia e religião....

    Deus é onipotente ? ou seja ele tem  todo o poder ?, Deus é onisciente ? ele tem todo conhecimento ? Deus é onipresente ? ele está presente em todos os lugares ao mesmo tempo ? se tudo isso for verdade, Deus tenha um "plano perfeito" de mane... | Mehr lesen

    • camiladoce
    • | 18.09.2016
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  • Pro Chess League: Southern California FTW

    Many people want to make their way out to Southern California for the beaches, the celebrities, the weather, or even (as popularized by the Beach Boys) the California girls.  But what people don't know is that the chess scene is also quite stron... | Mehr lesen

  • Don't Imitate Character - Build It

    by HJS You can cultivate leadership. But you can't build character through imitation. Building character in a youthful generation that has grown up with marginalized ideas about morality and character is not easy. The guidelines for life were mis... | Mehr lesen

    • JD-ex
    • | 18.09.2016
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  • Fairy Fair Play ►Episodio 2. Tema 1. 1.1:La Generala

    La generala es un juego de dados. Se juega con cinco dados y con un cubilete; el número de jugadores es ilimitado, pero lo óptimo es de 3 a 5. El objetivo del juego es lograr el mayor puntajeuo es el de bruno.c , de acuerdo a una valorizac... | Mehr lesen

  • Fairy Fair Play ►Episodio 1. La Introcuccion; Tema 1:Las Cartas

    Los juegos de naipes o Juegos de cartas se juegan con unas cartulinas, llamadas naipes o cartas, que forman una baraja y que deben mezclarse (barajarse) antes de jugar. En determinados juegos se usan complementos para realizar apuestas o lleva... | Mehr lesen

  • old oak tree

    gifts and curses. funny they are the same thing depending on one's coordinants. everything is the same. we are all one. or are we? he wondered. always. they were fighting again. never with fists, but the words always bothered him more. and once a... | Mehr lesen

    • kittyluv
    • | 18.09.2016
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  • The Irish Rapid and Blitz Championships 2016: Reminder

      Tonight is the early entry deadline for The Irish Rapid and Blitz Championships 2016 which will be held from 24-25 September. The ICU AGM 2015-16 will follow the Blitz.   Below are the reports from the last Blitz and Rapid:   EasyStream... | Mehr lesen

    • ICU
    • | 18.09.2016
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  • Blindfold Simul Game vs Timur Gareyev

    Sept 17 I played in a 15 board blindfold simul by Timur Gareyev. I had white and played the King's Gambit and secured an advantage out of the opening. Unfortunately, I was positionally outplayed after that, and Timur scored a very impressive finis... | Mehr lesen

    • bwtaylor
    • | 18.09.2016
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  • I have had 1 ltd lan connection to icheito1972. That i have lost, because "Interruption" i

    I have had 1 ltd lan connection to icheito1972. That i have lost, because "Interruption" is wrong!!! | Mehr lesen

    • check1021
    • | 18.09.2016
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  • Supercharge my chess - day 6

    Today I continue to write about my daily experiences in the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course.  You can read about the past days:   Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5    My goals:  1. I want to study chess in an organized w... | Mehr lesen

  • which one ? you decide the NO:1

    | Mehr lesen

  • Meridian Scholastic 2016

    Hey guys I went to the Meridian Scholastic tournament on Saturday, September 17th and here are the 5 games I played, no commentary. I was rated 1208 and finished 1st with 4.5 points! Please comment on the games.  The second game was against an ... | Mehr lesen

  • Tactics from the Olympiad

    After the rather mundane super Grandmaster tournament the Sinquefield  cup (please see Radio Jans caustic satirical expose of the gloom) the Olympiad came as refreshing drops of dew on a parched and scorched land. On open tournament with the wor... | Mehr lesen

    • robbie_1969
    • | 18.09.2016
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