An Infestation of Forks

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We'll finish up our study of forks by looking at Bishop, Queen, Rook, and even King forks. Instead of waxing poetic, I'll just jump right to the puzzles since, by now, I expect all of you to be fork experts.

As always, make sure to look at the hidden prose and variations embedded in the puzzles!

White is daring Black to chop on e4. Should Black take the bait?

Should Black take on e4?


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    good artical!

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    IM Silman

    People seem to be a bit confused about traps and about accuracy in puzzles. The solving side needs to show accuracy, while the other ("dead") side might well play some poor moves. Just like in real over the board play, your opponent might do all sorts of nonsense but it's up to you to accurately punish him.

    A trap is just that - a trap. It's not forced, and it only occurs after bad play by the trapped side.

    I'll address a couple questions.

    First we'll look at a question about the Fedorchuk - Bok game where White wondered about forking with 15.Qc2. That was a good question!

    One of the traps was based on the following similar (but sound) line:

    Compare the previous position with the unsound (trap) line:

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    Good article, thanks!

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    Position after 15. Qc2. Nxd4 is blunder.

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    FM gauranga

    Forks over knives was a great movie!

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    In the last puzzle why dosen't White play 16.Bg5 instead of 16.Nc3,followed by capturing on f6.I think its slightly better than Nc3?

    IN THE FAMOUS TRAP what if black plays f6 instead of fxe6?

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    In the last puzzle, I think 15. Qc2 is met by Nxd4.  Perhaps someone could verify this for me?  Not sure about Almostmaster's question, though.

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    Great article....

    ...and... last, doesn't a simple 15: Qc2 win a peice? 

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    I may not be very good at chess however your series has taught me how to fork.


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    Classic traps, all of them. But let me tell me tell you what I really think about the essence of chess.  It lies within each and everyone of us. Deep inside a mans powerful brain calculations go on that he is not even aware of, the essence of chess is working its mysterious magic.


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    11. Bb5 and I think black is lost

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    In Fedorchuk - Bok, why doesn't 15 Qc2, forking the knights again, win for White?

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    Thanks for another great study.

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    @Pulse. Here ya go!

    Scroll down to see his articles!

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    "An Infestation of forks" - Sounds like a Doctor Who episode :)

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    Hey, this seems to be written as if there has been previous articles on it, anyone know where I can find them? Thanks

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