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  • vor 8 Monate


    Instructive game

  • vor 10 Monate


    This is a similar style of my play, very interesting example on a much higher level! Cool

  • vor 14 Monate



  • vor 14 Monate


    nice video, simple, yet powerful.  Well done.

  • vor 14 Monate

    FM MikeKlein

    @hollymoses - If you have found your way to "The Fighting Dragon" series (Part 10), then look to the right of the video, and it will have a link to "Part 9", which will link to "Part 8" and so forth.

    Easy would also be to simply search IM Kiewra's videos - click here

  • vor 14 Monate


    Great lecture - thank you for your time!

  • vor 14 Monate


    Great lecture!

  • vor 14 Monate


    have just joined & took  Platinum membership ensuring I could see videos .

    I love the Dragon games !

    Is it possible to see the previous 9 parts of The Fighting Dragon !?!?

    Garry Hollingsworth....june 14th...Australia

  • vor 14 Monate


    This series for a player like me is fantastic. At 1700, I suffer from players in 1500 - 1600 always looking for draws, exchanging pieces and 'no counter-play' and what I have learned here is very exciting and useful. I should be able to use what I have learned to take me up to 1800 - 1900 level hopefully.  Thank you.

  • vor 14 Monate



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