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    I play this a lot and don't want to see videos on it. It's my surprise weapon against the dragon and I rarely lose when I play it. Wink

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    Thx Keaton,this is my best opening series on Chess.com.Very nicely explained and very useful to me as an club player.

  • vor 22 Monate


    Great lesson I enjoyed the bishop-sac line because it's a creative way to disrupte white's pawn storm! 

  • vor 23 Monate


    Where's the Dragon?  Still no Dragon?   

  • vor 23 Monate


    I agree that Nxc6 seems easier than Nb3

  • vor 23 Monate


    Thanks Keaton, I like your videos.

  • vor 23 Monate


    In the line showed by IM Kiewra, I have to respectfully disagree that after 9.g4 Bxg4 10.fxg4 Nxg4 11.Nb3 is the best move.  Instead 11.Nxc6 (while opening the b file, this move eliminates an attacker instead of losing a tempo which black uses to attack the QS with) is far superior, where white has an easier game then in the line supplied in the video.  The rest of the analysis is of course quite interesting.  Thanks for sharing

  • vor 23 Monate


    A high class A player tried this Bxg4 sacrifice in the exact same position except with the addition of moves O-O-O and Qc7 first ( I castled long Qc7 and then played g4 as white).  It was extremely easy to refute over the board, I wouldn't even recommend playing this in long time control against competent tournament players.  I would argue that perhaps in the line of the game I played with move order 9.O-O-O Qc7?! 10.g4 Bxg4? that maybe somehow the practical dubiousness of the sacrifice decreases because of the skewer chances on h6-b1 diagonal if white blunders.  If it weren't such a transparent sacrifice it would be playable.  Maybe for blitz, but even then... (defensive ideas are Nxc6 then Bf4 to induce e5 if possible to close the bishop, then Bc4 to b3 and using the f file in conjunction with the lsb on f7).

  • vor 23 Monate


    what about e5?

  • vor 23 Monate


    very nice indeed!

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    5 stars!!

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  • vor 23 Monate


    I really would've appreciated a detailed analysis of the nakamura, robson game.

  • vor 23 Monate


    Wonderful! Thanks for another lucid presentation on the Dragon.  Think I might have to review it a few times.....

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