World #5 GM Hikaru Nakamura and Rybka take on Stockfish! Live on Chess/TV and Open to ALL MEMBERS! Click here to watch!
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  • vor 16 Monate


    Thank you Grandmaster Melik Khachiyan.

  • vor 17 Monate


    nice video - but i was expecting something more traditionally 'calculation'

  • vor 18 Monate


    Great followup to part 1 - part 3 is getting watched now Wink

  • vor 18 Monate


    At 14:40-15:30, some great advice from GM Melik about the crucial role being objective regarding the position plays in deciding upon the correct plan!

  • vor 18 Monate


    The first example of Sokolov was a really nice/instructive one. Indeed it seemed like easy to see. But okay, I make a whole lot more mistakes than that, but I can actually imagine myself seeing this idea in a real game. Thanks for your clear explanations/videos.

  • vor 18 Monate


    After 7 hours, I'd probably be trying to push the knights in straight lines. LOL. but since I just got here; I understand the points you made. thank you.

  • vor 18 Monate


    This video will not work for me either. I am told that either there is a "corruption issue" or that the video "used] features your browser did not support." (I am using Chrome.) Anyone else having issues viewing this with Chrome?

  • vor 18 Monate


    Very helpful and instructive endgame analysis - thanks, Melik!

  • vor 18 Monate


    Great Video GM MK, great series.  Well done!

  • vor 18 Monate


    softreacher has a 10 days old comment on a video published today? Either "someone" is bullshitting us, or there's a bug in your code.

  • vor 18 Monate


    Once again, this wont play on my ipad. It worked a couple hours ago but after the servers were shut down and came back up, it wont play on the app. Annoying. Please figure out what. The heck the problem is.

  • vor 18 Monate


  • vor 18 Monate


    That video is so good

  • vor 19 Monate


    it was very good. This video helped improve my rating.

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