• vor 2 Jahre


    Great video, Sam. I would have also been interested in seeing how your opponent held the draw because I know you can win with a rook vs. bishop.

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Thanks for sharing this great game I enjoyed your honest approach to the analysis and the story and thoughts behind it, great job! Cool

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Thx Sam! Man, it's really weird how Black faces a practical zugzwang w the e-pawn so far advanced & two minors, ...with no logical progression against white. Couldn't believe Black was reduced to playing for draw, ... and just barely. Wow! Gotta see the Anand vs Nakamura similar game! I picked up on some cool technique here Sam. Your pace of instruction is excellent, as well. I also really appreciate your honesty of expressing, perhaps irrational "fear of your opponent", due to his high ranking (as unnecessary & unproductive thinking). Those frank words strengthen & encourage us non-GMs to play more fearlessly. Thank you very much and keep 'em comin'! 

  • vor 3 Jahre


    Had some probleme with flash. After installing adobe flash it worked fine.

    Nice video

  • vor 3 Jahre


    No video?

  • vor 3 Jahre


    I can't bring up your game.

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