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Meanwhile, Magnus Carlsen is Meeting Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates

  • PeterDoggers
  • on 22.01.14 06:29.

Many chess fans are wondering why Magnus Carlsen, who played the Tata Steel tournament ten times in a row, isn't present in Wijk aan Zee this year. Well, one reason might be a number of very interesting meetings he's had in the United States.

Early January Magnus Carlsen traveled to the U.S. together with his manager Espen Agdestein for several sponsor and promotional events. The first stop was Las Vegas, where Carlsen performed a simul against twenty opponents . The special thing was that Carlsen and his opponents were having a heart rate monitor attached to their bodies during the games.

Nordic Semiconduction, who provided the device and who are one of Carlsen's sponsors, stated that they hope using a heart rate monitor will be introduced at chess events. Here's a video report by VG (see a report by NRK here):

About a week later, on Wednesday, January 16th Carlsen was the guest of honor at a dinner party thrown by billionaire investor Yuri Milner, a famous Russian entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Milner is an investor in e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Groupon. The dinner was held at Milner's mansion in Silicon Valley. 

These events in the Bay area were to benefit America's Foundation for Chess and the 1st Move school programs. Eric Anderson was the person behind Carlsen's home visits, to the Churchill Club, as well as the luncheon at Silicon Valley Bank.

Carlsen played chess against several tech CEOs, including e.g. Art Levinson, who has been the chairman of the board of Apple since Steve Jobs passed away in October 2011. Carlsen also played against Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. Last Thursday the following picture was posted on Carlsen's Facebook page:

Carlsen: “Teaching Mark Zuckerberg some chess. Incredibly quick learner, glad he is at Facebook!”

A day later, Carlsen joined an event held at the Computer History Museum's Churchill Club, where he was interviewed for an hour by Peter Thiel, an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and hedge fund manager (and e.g. co-founder of PayPal). The world champion obviously discussed chess, but also talked about e.g. the strengths and weaknesses of computers, the value of thinking fast, and the importance of eating well.

This Friday Carlsen will meet another big name in tech: the founder of Microsoft and rich philantropist Bill Gates. “(...) the charity of his work, as he does so wonderfully much better and effective than all governments around the world. That's what I think is really admirable,” said Carlsen to TV2.

The two will be guests in Skavlan, a Norwegian-Swedish television talk show hosted by Norwegian journalist Fredrik Skavlan. Previous guests in the show include Michael Palin, Sinead O'Connor, Wyclef Jean, Judit Polgar, Bruno Mars, Ruby Wax, Robbie Williams, Jon Bon Jovi, Richard Dawkins, Kevin Costner, Will Smith and David Guetta. Carlsen also was a guest in the show of 14 October 2011.

Later this month, Carlsen will (finally) be back at the chess board in Zurich.

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  • vor 13 Monate


    the astronomous of trillions of riches meets the icon of the world.i dont full agreed what carlsen said but making the money not same as governt it.maybe.. something of the 'BIG' is coming.but thank him(carlsen) for promoting chess.

  • vor 14 Monate


    Gaffney chess "Not sure what you're meaning here."

    That's exactly what they are. Do you really think these people who meet together at Bildeberg and have the power to influence world finances via orchestrated debt, fiat manipulation, derivative manipulation and federal reserve bailouts just 'accidently' ended up with trillions of the people's money while bailing out their banking buddies with factually proven revolving doors between the banks, politics and the Federal Reserve? Wow.

    Yes, their plan has been going well before the 1950s, anyone that knows anything about history and human nature knows that groups and individuals have always tried to take over the world, the difference now is global reach via technology and  borderless international mega-corporations and banks.
    Just research Eugenics, Agenda 21, the history of the Federal Reserve and Jekyll Island and you'll get an idea of what's happening, it's all about world government.
    Some people think this is a good thing. The problem is if you read their literature and listen to the propaganda in the media the main themes are overpopulation, austerity, central control, everyone being chipped and everyone's identity and transactions centralised electronically for complete control. If you misbehave you're cut off and your life is over.
    There is also the need to cause chaos, fear, war, famine etc and divide society by making the genders, races, religions fight each other in order to cause such chaos that the population will gladly accept an Orwellian feudal system as a solution. It's Order out of chaos (Ordo ab chao) breaking many eggs to make a giant omellette.
    They're in the process of securing the world's resources while they do this in the middle east and Africa in particular while bankrupting countries via debt and transferring wealth from them.

    There is also the man made global warming scam which transfers wealth from the people while intentionally collapsing economies and enabling the globalists to control every aspect of our lives as CO2 is emitted by everything. Anyone that's researched AGW knows there is zero evidence to support it but alot of evidence against it.

    While it's becoming increasingly obvious that this is going on, many refuse to believe it. Before you disagree research the subject and compare it with observations, you might be surprised at what you find

    The big question is will a group of people running a world government with an emphasis on absolute control, austerity for the people but rich excess for them, addressing supposed 'overpopulation' and a willingness to use any deception and violence necessary to achieve this goal be a good thing for humanity or a bad thing?

    Time will tell.

    Hey maybe I'm completely wrong, if so then great!

  • vor 14 Monate


    high rising atm Carlsen!

  • vor 14 Monate


    great now Carlsen is siding with the eugenisists, and with the people at the head of these companies, who call the people who use their products dumb zombies, just look it up!  I see that Magnus is also siding with people who have implemented big brother.  Thanks for being a sell out and for instead of using your fame for the good of humanity Magnus, you decided to join with the dark side and Soron!

  • vor 14 Monate


    A quick reply to those disappointed with Magnus for showing up at these events: Think of what it can do for chess.

    Come on, he's from arguably the most successful socialist country in the world. I doubt that just because Magnus realizes being friendly with billionares can really help promote chess as a game/sport, he is going to embrace hardcore right-wing ideas and get a rolex.

  • vor 14 Monate


    Hope the founders/owners of amazon and google will also meet Carlsen.

  • vor 14 Monate


    It sucks they couldn't get decent chessboards for the event.

  • vor 14 Monate


    GO GerardFarrell1975!! Well, I was not defending Carlsen, you are right, the guy should know better.

  • vor 14 Monate


    Terrible idea these monitors. It is nobody's business if I get excited over a game. 

  • vor 14 Monate


    If you think that most of societies´s problems arise from the absurd amount of money concentrated in a few hands (people of course allow them to gather it, since we have no laws against somebody having 73 billion dollars, free market some people call it, but a super rich, somebody over let´s say 10 million dollars is generating alot of poverty). Maybe Anand is a guy that coming from India knows very well what poverty means, while Magnus might not have had the opportunity to live this other side of the concentration of whealth.

  • vor 14 Monate


    Facebook and Microsoft,Zukenberg and Gate and we must add one more heiss for chess.com, we dont see this in Anand's era. Did Heiss sell this?

  • vor 14 Monate


    Since 2006 the capital of Myanmar is Naypyidaw.  It is no longer Rangoon.  I had no clue that Many world chess champions like geography.  I like geography too!  Maybe there is hope for me to become a future world champion!

  • vor 14 Monate


    "It requires no conspiracy theory at all to show that the influence of finance capital over governments in the last few decades has been profound, overpowering and toxic. Clearly he buys into the whole myth that private enterprise and capitalism somehow serves some greater public interest with his comments about Bill Gates work being more effective than governments etc...naive in the extreme."


    Word and a half brother!  The thing is he's Norwegian so he should especially know better.  Sure they have a butt ugly capital but have free higher education and a singlepayer healthcare system, which more than makes up for their higher tax rate. 

  • vor 14 Monate


    Yeah quick learner... quick to make Facebook's interface vastly inferior to 2008 that is Cool

  • vor 14 Monate


    Really sad to see Carlsen bedazzled by these kind of people. It requires no conspiracy theory at all to show that the influence of finance capital over governments in the last few decades has been profound, overpowering and toxic. Clearly he buys into the whole myth that private enterprise and capitalism somehow serves some greater public interest with his comments about Bill Gates work being more effective than governments etc...naive in the extreme. The guy is a fantastic chess player, but clearly hasn't had much time to learn much about the world beyond the chess board.

  • vor 14 Monate


  • vor 14 Monate



    "So, the Globalist New World Order elite are wining and dining Magnus huh?"

    Not sure what you're meaning here.  Is the New World Order some kind of a group of super powerful men and women meeting in a dark room smoking cigarettes talking about how to influence world events through market manipulation and government takeovers?  Isn't that what people thought was happening in the 1950s?  I think you give too much credit to the people mentioned in this article.  This is a group of highly influential, young, forward looking thinkers, finding a kindred spirit in Carlsen who they would like to be associated with because it gets both the thinkers and Carlsen some awesome press in a market they wouldn't normally be able to crack without some inside help.  

  • vor 14 Monate


    So, the Globalist New World Order elite are wining and dining Magnus huh?
    Recently he also got wined and dined by Supreme Globalist Geroge Soros and GM Rogoff, a man high up in the Federal Reserve, which means Rogoff works for the people that really run the country and most of the world.
    Rogoff managed to pull off a draw against Magnus in a friendly game (he's 2500ish)

    Bill Gates is a leading figure in the Eugenics movement, Perhaps the New World Order Eugenicists want to use his DNA to finally create the master race lol!

  • vor 14 Monate



    Of course - For you Anand is the 'wrong race'

    And where exactly did you find this in danielfaa's post?

    What I see here is sugestion than Anand belongs to previous generation, raised in a different way, and acting like that.


    So I suggest you withdraw your imputation, it may turn out, the only person being a racist here is... you - sorry

  • vor 14 Monate


    Some of these guys lose enough money in their couch to fund chess instructions in all US schools. It would be great if Magnus inspires them to donate to that.

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