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Hou Yifan Leads Women's World Championship

  • FM MikeKlein
  • on 11.09.13 10:45.

GM Hou Yifan (FIDE 2609) of China got out of the blocks early against GM Anna Ushenina (FIDE 2500) of Ukraine at the 2013 Women's World Championship in Taizhou, China. Playing in her home country, Hou is the former title holder, and seeks to retake her title from the current title holder. The match is taking place from September 10-28, 2013.


The first game saw Ushenina fall prey to a blistering attack on her king. After a Nimzo-Indian, White's queenside pawns and activity were both stifled. Later, White's army huddled on the home rank. By the time they were freed, Black's activity, punctuated by a devastating knight sortie to f3, was too much. Ushenina resigned one move before being checkmated.

The two women have met numerous times previously, with Ushenina winning their last encounter before this match began. More than two-thirds of their games have had a decisive result.


Ushenina (L) attempts to defend her title against Hou Yifan

Ushenina won the title in a knockout format 2012 in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. The Women's World Championship is held every year but alternates between knockout and one-on-one matches. Hou Yifan qualified by winning the prior Women's Grand Prix cycle.


The match is 10 games, with a time control of 40/90 SD/30 and a 30-second increment from move one. The first woman to 5.5 games will win the title. In case of a tie, the two will play a tiebreak. The prize fund is 200,000 Euros, with 60 percent going to the winner.


Follow all of the games and coverage at the official site. Photos courtesy FIDE Press Officer Anastasiya Karlovich.

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  • vor 13 Monate


    i sixth seventh n so on d request for a more complete coverage for this event! i won't explain the reasons coz they are obvious! come on!

  • vor 14 Monate


    Provider One bids three hundred quatloos on the newcomer.

  • vor 14 Monate


    Yes, I fourth or fifth that suggestion, we would like to read more about women's chess.

  • vor 14 Monate


    I'd like to third the request for more coverage of this event and women's chess in general! Smile

  • vor 14 Monate


    @Andre_Harding: not sure what your point is here.  

    Surely the reason people know less about women's chess is that it is less covered!  

    And, not knowing about something is hardly a reason not to want to know more about it.  In fact, there are apparently at least two folks who want to know more!  

    I think it would be positively hopeless to refuse to ask for something simply because it hasn't happened yet.  In fact, I'm quite hopeful Chess.com is the sort of place that will listen to my (our) request.  

  • vor 14 Monate



    Personally, I agree with your sentiment. I stay up to watch the Ushenina-Hou match games (they start at 3am Eastern Time).

    But chess.com has well over 7 million members. I would expect that over 98% of them are casual fans at best and don't really follow the chess world. They know something about maybe the top 10-15 players [for many, that means "Carlsen and some other guys," thanks to crap like what 60 Minutes gave us], Fischer, Kasparov, maybe a few players from the past like Morphy, Capablanca, and Tal, and that's about it.

    So, don't expect to see serious coverage about international events that aren't supertournaments.

    Understand, I am NOT criticizing chess.com or the staff. The reality is that they need to keep their audience in mind when creating content. Even the ChessBase news site has gone down the toilet--the game annotations are often interesting, but as far as chess news and chess politics is concerned...mostly trash.

  • vor 14 Monate


    I second mattjchessum's request!  More coverage on chess.com would be great!

  • vor 14 Monate


    Chess is not so easy to win without good planning.

  • vor 14 Monate


    nice game by Hou Yifan

  • vor 14 Monate


    absolutely brilliant, sacrificing the rook for the queen's positioning to serve the mate

  • vor 14 Monate


    Perhaps a rest day would help Ushenina, who uncharacteristically dropped a pawn (22. e4? lost the a3 pawn) then drifted in the middlegame.  Congratulations to Hou Yifan, who played a pragmatic and logical game.

  • vor 14 Monate

    WGM Natalia_Pogonina

    Most experts have forgotten to take the playing conditions into account when casting their predictions...

  • vor 14 Monate


    Hou was being completely outplayed, but Ushenina got into ridiculous time pressure. Hou is beatable.

  • vor 14 Monate


    Polgar had already basically retired when Hou beat her.

  • vor 14 Monate


    Hou Yifan does indeed play against men mostly -- not counting some (likely mandatory) team participations for Team China and whatever tournaments it takes for her to defend/reach the Women's World Champion title.

  • vor 14 Monate


    I don't see any chance for Ushenina in this match...

  • vor 14 Monate



  • vor 14 Monate


    Hou Yifan is a force to reckon with, she is almost a talent of Carlsen's caliber. I still remember when she beat Polgar, sending shockwaves around. It was even suggested the she should have played against men to learn faster.  

  • vor 14 Monate


    Go go Anna!!!

  • vor 14 Monate


    Go for it ! :)

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