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Anand-Carlsen: game 2, a Caro-Kann, drawn in 25 moves - UPDATE: VIDEO

  • PeterDoggers
  • on 10.11.13 03:10.

The second game of the World Championship match between Viswanathan Anand, playing the white pieces, and Magnus Carlsen ended in a draw after 25 moves. The crowd was pleased with the World Champ's move 1.e4, which was awarded with applause, as was 6.h4 and some other moves. The second quick move repetition was met with less enthusiasm, and the players expressed at the press conference that they're also hoping for more spectacle. The score is 1-1, with 10 more games to go.


After the surprisingly quick draw in the first game, few people expected that the second game of the Anand-Carlsen match would last even shorter. Despite playing more moves, the players only spent an hour and ten minutes at the board this time, and again the point was split.

Vishy Anand, whose main weapon was 1.d4 in his previous two title matches, started his first white game with the king's pawn, which was applauded by the audience. According to Chief Arbiter Ashot Vardapetyan the players can actually hear this, so the glass between them and the audience is not a hundred percent sound proof.

Carlsen quickly replied with 1...c6, the Caro-Kann Defense, which he had only played six times before. A theoretical line was followed for quite some time, and the chess fans got excited quickly when a position came on the board with castling on opposite sides. But, like on Saturday, the players drew their game in less than 1.5 hours.

Anand, who spent most of his time on the moves 12-14, admitted that he was surprised by his opponent's opening play. "It was a mild surprise. The position after move 12 is a very sharp one and I hadn't really expected it, that was clear. I had to decide if I wanted to fly blind or... I chose a slightly solid line."

Basically it was Anand who went for the "emergency brake" today as he got maneuvered into a position where his opponent was better prepared. "Today it's my turn to tender a slight apology. I am sorry about the decision but I decided to be a bit prudent today."

The handshake before the game | Photo Anastasiya Karlovic courtesy of FIDE

Perhaps with last year's heavy criticism on the many draws against Boris Gelfand in mind, Anand was quick to add: "I am sure there will be better games than these two."

Top GM Hikaru Nakamura, known for his fighting spirit, was one chess fan to be disappointed about the match so far:

Carlsen, however, made it clear that he understood his opponent's decision. "Especially when you're caught in prepation, it's hard to go for the sharpest lines." He compared the start of the match with his previous event in the world championship cycle. "It is similar to my start at the Candidates' tournament and that one took off quite quickly."

The one moment where Anand could have tried for more was move 18, where Qe4-g4 was suggested. Local R.B. Ramesh of Chennai, one of the official commentators, felt it was a good try for the World Champion, without running any risk. However, it seems that both players are playing it safe at the start of the match.

Another cheerful moment at the press conference | Photo © Lennart Ootes

One journalist asked the players if they would be watching the Champions League match Manchester United vs Arsenal. Anand said he might, but that the computers "would not be switched off". Carlsen said: "Yeah sure, now that you mention it!"

Monday is a free day and Carlsen plays with the white pieces again in the third game on Tuesday. Ten games remain to be played in this 12-match series which has a prize fund of Rs.14 Crores.


On a final note, it should be mentioned that before the game the author of these lines was approached by one of the organizers responsible for technical issues. Having read the first report, he explained the reason behind the internet lag the other day and that it had been resolved. And indeed, the internet was much better today. Great service!

Again hundreds of spectators showed up for the game
At the entrance, a board is set up where people can write wishes to the players...
...like this little girl
Again the venue was sold out on Sunday
The same ritual as the first game: Carlsen arrives at the board first...
...followed by Anand, who did arrive in the rest area before his opponent
While Carlsen takes a last moment of relaxation...
...Anand prefers to concentrate deeply at the board
The handshake for game 2
Applauded by the audience, Anand starts with 1.e4...
...to which Carlsen has prepared the Caro-Kann
Again controlled by police, the photographers...
...got into a scrimmage again
...watched by Carlsen
...but the players didn't seem to be disturbed too much
Don't forget that during the games Chess.com is providing a live show, and after the games there is a special Morning After show for American viewers. Both can be foud at Chess.com/TV.

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  • vor 17 Monate


    should the photographers be allowed during the game, i mean the players can get disturbed.

  • vor 17 Monate


    can anybody tell me that- why there is an olympic symbol in tthe background of play there?

  • vor 17 Monate


    "Chess is dead. There is no more creativity." Bobby Fischer

  • vor 17 Monate


    Chess is based on 'probability'. The one who can identify the 'probability' more than the opponent, will decide the fate of the game. 

  • vor 17 Monate


    Magnus is the challenger. If he does not make any real action, Anand retains the crown. That is the fact. 

  • vor 17 Monate



  • vor 17 Monate


    You can see until this two games, Anand is the king of E4, i dont know why Magnus played with this kind of games, Anand had more than 500 games of E4 and only a few lose. Maybe Carlsten a little bit nervous cause it is playing in India,but lets see game 3 and again.

  • vor 17 Monate


    Go Anand! I bet Magnus isn't happy about these draws. Unfortunetely, he seemed fairly unperturbed. 

  • vor 17 Monate


    Too early to speak of trends. Draws in 2 games doesn't mean all draws til the end. I hope Carlsen prove some of you wrong by beating Anand soon!

  • vor 17 Monate


    Chess game show: OK! Today's pop quiz question of the year. One half second time limit only. His last name starts with the letter (A). Can you guess who he is? Ready...set...GO! Cool

  • vor 17 Monate


    doesnt fear him maybe... but is wary of him to be certain.

  • vor 17 Monate



  • vor 17 Monate


    yah.. i wish carlsen would branch out and try to take anand down. we know he can do it. he knows it. I just want it to get interesting... I want carlsen to win, but Id rather he go for it and lose a couple games and then win a few than tie every game. :D

  • vor 17 Monate


    I agree with Nakamura. I feel like chess at the top level is going the way of boxing, where the current number one pound for pound boxer has made a career of avoiding practically all risks and just building up on points. The same thing here where the top two chess players avoid risks of going beyond preparation and wait for the time when either is fairly sure of a win. 

  • vor 17 Monate


    Seeing both Carlsen and Anand battle, I can't help but feel the anxiety they feel playing a world championship match. In the first match Carlsen was a bundle of nerves and by the end of 2 matches they are both on even keel. You would start seeing more free wheeling chess if one of the players takes a lead till then caution will take precedence over suicidal moves.

  • vor 17 Monate


    Manchester Utd vs Arsenal match wasn't a champions League match.

  • vor 17 Monate


    I think Nakamura spends more time on twitter than playing chess, every time something happens in the chess world he got something to say there :D

    I guess Nakamura is the future Kasparov after all...

  • vor 17 Monate


    i suppose that they take it easy in early games, saving energy and getting a feel for each other

  • vor 17 Monate


    Just because the first two games are drawn doesn't mean all games will be. It's early days yet. This will all make more sense in retrospect once the match is over and we can look back in retrospect and see how all the pieces fit together.

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