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The Animal group

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  • gegründet am: 04.03.2013
  • Welcome to The Animal group.This is a friendly group that cares for animal,s and the environment that they live in.We have match,s,group matches and other stuff,if you are of like mind ,then please join us.

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  • It is very unseasonable weather here Tom.

    von horsehead vor 2 Stunden

  • Thanks Scully.Hi Tom well they are saying we may get 19 Celsius here and today and tomorrow,,though it should turn colder later,I'm not sure about snow,i,ll know when the bird,s leave for a warmer climate lol.

    von horsehead vor 3 Stunden

  • hi clive... lol.. supposed to get snow here this weekend! first time this year

    von Fossil83 vor 4 Stunden

  • good luck buddy

    von scurly vor 5 Stunden

  • Hi Scurly and all.London is fine today,it is still cloudy,but t]it is warmer and they say we will get some sunshine here tomorrow lol.

    von horsehead vor 6 Stunden

  • Hello from Greece, how is London doing today?

    von scurly vor 9 Stunden

  • I was not on earlier,as this site was doing some maintenance work.

    von horsehead vor 13 Stunden

  • A very good morning to all of the night owls in The Animal Group.

    von horsehead vor 13 Stunden

  • On a dark rainy and gray afternoon,here in London.

    von horsehead vor 30 Stunden

  • A very good day to all members of The Animal Group.

    von horsehead vor 30 Stunden

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