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The Animal group

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  • gegründet am: 04.03.2013
  • Welcome to The Animal group.This is a friendly group that cares for animal,s and the environment that they live in.We have match,s,group matches and other stuff,if you are of like mind ,then please join us.

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  • hi birdbrain,PiotUkr and all in The Animal Group.

    von horsehead vor 3 Stunden

  • howdy animals :)

    von PiotrUkr vor 5 Stunden

  • They use Tiger bone for things such as relief from arthritis. It is bogus, just like the Shark fin soup bringing health and good fortune. How these beliefs came to exist, we will probably never know.

    von birdbrain1987 vor 5 Stunden

  • Personally i think that using tiger bones is quackery.

    von horsehead vor 6 Stunden

  • They use them as a medicine Bill,but they are not classified as a herb.

    von horsehead vor 6 Stunden

  • HI asm64,Bill and all in The Animal Group.

    von horsehead vor 6 Stunden

  • Cant see how tiger bones are classified as herbs which are plants......but i guess the Chinese use different criteria to classify herbs than most other countries.

    von WillOM vor 7 Stunden

  • yo peeps.

    von asm64 vor 9 Stunden

  • Hi Bill and all members.

    von horsehead vor 10 Stunden

  • Hi Clive and all the clan.....OM

    von WillOM vor 13 Stunden

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