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"Battery" is the term used to refer to two or more heavy pieces lined up on a file in an effort to control it. In this diagram, white doubles the rooks, creating a battery.


  • vor 6 Jahre · Zitat · #1


    I would prefer 0-0-0 :-)

  • vor 6 Jahre · Zitat · #2


    Batteries are strategic decisions. An old chess saying goes: "It's very practical, but just not tactical!" (refering to batteries) However, many tacticians overlook the advantage batteries can create. This is why I believe that positional players will eventually dominate chess.

  • vor 6 Jahre · Zitat · #3


    Batteries r useful at times

  • vor 6 Jahre · Zitat · #4


    To HoK: so would i!

  • vor 5 Jahre · Zitat · #5


    White would not want to castle, because in the endgame the king is better placed in the center.

  • vor 4 Jahre · Zitat · #6


    Creating a battery has always proven a useful technique.

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