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Chess is a narrow way.  I leave all pleasure behind.  It is a time without pleasure, yes.

--Jan Timman, Dutch Grandmaster

    • What happened to Chess.com Email?

      Has chess.com email gone away or been compromised by Heartbleed? When I click on email now all I get is a help screen. Update:  chess.com is phasing out email apparently. | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 15.04.2014
      • | 215 Aufrufe
      • | 4 Kommentare
    • Silicone Chessboard

      I finished testing my silicone chessboard, and here is my report. I bought the board from Amazon, and it is the one listed as "WE Games Silicone Tournament Chess Mat", sold by Family Board Games and fulfilled by Amazon.  It cost $15. The board ... | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 14.07.2012
      • | 2566 Aufrufe
      • | 15 Kommentare