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Chess is a narrow way.  I leave all pleasure behind.  It is a time without pleasure, yes.

--Jan Timman, Dutch Grandmaster

    • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Chess

      The continuing story of a chess novice... [This is simply a bump of a blog I wrote in the summer of 2009...have I been a member that long already?] I'm about to doze off in the hammock that some unknown soul thoughtfully strung between our two l... | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 22.12.2010
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    • There will be a Chinese Women's World Champion !

      With the a win and a draw in Round 5, Hou Yifan beats Koneru and advances to the finals against one of her yet-to-be-determined countrywomen. She will be playing either WGM Ruan Lufei or GM Zhao Xue, who face each other in playoff games tomorrow... | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 17.12.2010
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    • Stamma's Chess Notation

      Below is an example of Stamma's notation.  It is taken from the 1745 English edition of his influential book The Noble Game of Chess (originally published in French as Essai sur le jeu des echecs). His system is similar to our own algebraic n... | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 23.11.2010
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    • Rousseau's First Encounter with Chess

      [There is considerable debate among scholars about Rousseau's true abilities as a chess player.  But here are his own words from The Confessions in which he relates his first passionate encounter with the game.] There was a Genevese, named B... | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 15.11.2010
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    • Never Cry Checkmate

      [This little chess tale is from the Novelle of the Medieval Florentine writer, Franco Sachetti.  This translation is from The British Chess Magazine, September 1900] There was a curate, who was a very pleasant man and a great Chess player, livin... | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 11.11.2010
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    • Amanda Mateer Interview

      Here's another interview with Amanda Mateer, member of the US Chess League's Arizona Scorpions and a student at the University of Arizona, talking about her experience as a woman in chess and her involvement with 9 Queens. | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 09.11.2010
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    • Corn Mazes: Halloween for Chess Players

      Halloween is a huge holiday in the US.  Jeez, it seems like everyone in my neighborhood is decorating his house as if it were Christmas.  And according to sources on the Internet, it's not the kiddie trick-or-treaters that are driving things, b... | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 20.10.2010
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    • Computer Defeats Top Shogi Professional

      [Thanks to Enrique Huerta, manager of the Arizona Scorpions of the US Chess League, for pointing out this news item to me.] Shogi programs have been able to beat several strong human amateurs over the past few years, but today, for the first time... | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 12.10.2010
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    • Civ 5 vs Chess

      I just got my copy of Civilization V today.  It is about the only video game that still appeals to me...but it is EXTREMELY appealing.  I'm just finding my way around this iteration, but it seems to emphasize complex combat more than other versi... | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 26.09.2010
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    • Confusion: Chess and Deductive Logic

      I don't know if I'd call Robert Abbott's Confusion a chess variant or not.  Perhaps it is best described as a hybrid of chess and deductive logic.  The interesting thing is: unlike Stratego, say, where you don't know the identity of your oppone... | Mehr lesen

      • qixel
      • | 01.09.2010
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