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    • HHCF Awarded Grant for Summer Chess Program for At-Risk Teens

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PR Contact: Meek Gaborski contact@hiphopchessfederation.org   City of San Jose Awards Hip-Hop Chess Federation Grant for Chess and Life Strategies Summer Camp HHCF Opens FREE Summer Camp to Keep Kids Focused on School a... | Mehr lesen

      • HipHopChess
      • | 14.05.2015
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    • VIDEO: Oberlin College Lecture on Chess and Hip-Hop

      Video of HHCF Sounder Adisa Banjoko speaking at Oberlin College on the history of Hip-Hop, chess, martial arts and nonviolence. Oberlin College Lecture 1 vid (I speak at 1:44) v=pmzafCgVvYo Oberlin College Lecture 2 vid: v=dvA9TeQpYxc | Mehr lesen

    • Tupac, Prison and Chess

      “ If they had lived in another kind of society, their exceptional mathematical talents might have been better used. But they were Black.” - Malcolm X Malcolm X was mentored by many people as he learned to hustle on the streets of Boston and N... | Mehr lesen

      • HipHopChess
      • | 02.05.2015
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    • New Bishop Chronicles Podcast covers Chess Lecture at Oberlin and UConn + More!

       New Bishop Chronicles podcast covers Adisa Banjoko on his recent travels talking at Oberlin College and University of Connecticut. He also has a great conversation with filmmaker Thembisa MShaka about TV shows like Empire, Scandal and Fresh of... | Mehr lesen

      • HipHopChess
      • | 21.04.2015
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    • Sacrifice Everything for the Empire!

      Sometimes you gotta be willing to sacrifice your queen, in order to win the game. - Lucious Lyons, EMPIRE Everybody is talking about the TV smash Empire these days. In just a few short months the show has overtaken the ratings and the streets... | Mehr lesen

      • HipHopChess
      • | 08.04.2015
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    • HHCF Founder to speak at University of Wisconsin Whitewater March 9th!

      An activist and educator -- who is working to keep communities safe across the country -- will give a free public lecture at UW-Whitewater titled "Promoting Youth Empowerment and Non-Violence through Hip Hop, Chess and Martial Arts." Adisa Banjok... | Mehr lesen

      • HipHopChess
      • | 05.03.2015
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    • HHCF Founder Keynoting Art and Education Conference

      If you are a parent or educator who wants to know about the HHCF methodology or just get your mind BLOWN learning about how Rap music and Hip-Hop help kids learn.......COME ON OUT TO ROCK THE SCHOOL BELLS MARCH 7th at Skyline College. Visit www.r... | Mehr lesen

      • HipHopChess
      • | 28.02.2015
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    • WATCH: HEC-TV on Living Like Kings Exhibit at WCHOF!

      HEC-TV did a special TV feature on The Hip-Hop Chess Federation being the inspiration for the Living Like Kings Exhibit. The feature has exclusive interivews with Shannon Bailey of WCHOF, HHCF Founder Adisa  Banjoko, film producer Benjamin Ka... | Mehr lesen

    • HHCF Drops Chess Hustlers Anthem

      Hip-Hop Chess Federation announced they are dropping Street Games Vol. 2 Feb 28th 2015. The mixtape will be produced by DJ Rob Flow and hosted by Grandmaster Maurice Ashley and Eugene Brown (the subject of Life of A King). You can listen to the fi... | Mehr lesen

      • HipHopChess
      • | 13.01.2015
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    • Seinfeld and Wale Drop Life is A Chess Game

      Platinum rapper Wale releases FESTIVUS mixtape featuring Life is a Chess Game with Jerry Seinfeld opening up the track. https://soundcloud.com/walefolarin/the-chess-match-produced-by-bks | Mehr lesen