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    • Magnus Carlsen Profile

      An in-depth profile of Magnus Carlsen by the New Yorker in 2011 is now freely available on their website. It's definitely worth a read if you have half an hour to spare. My favourite excerpt:  Carlsen said that, for him, great chess playing is l... | Mehr lesen

      • SonofPearl
      • | 24.07.2014
      • | 3240 Aufrufe
      • | 6 Kommentare
    • FIDE ban phones from chess venues

      The latest changes to the official FIDE laws of chess have taken the hard-line of banning mobile phones from playing venues completely. This will apply to all FIDE rated events, although there is dispensation for individual tournaments to specify... | Mehr lesen

      • SonofPearl
      • | 28.05.2014
      • | 7300 Aufrufe
      • | 25 Kommentare
    • In-Depth Magnus Carlsen Interview

      Last week at the Churchill Club in Silicon Valley, California, the world champion Magnus Carlsen was interviewed before an audience by Paypal Founder and chess enthusiast, Peter Thiel. If you want to hear the champion speak at length and you have... | Mehr lesen

      • SonofPearl
      • | 20.01.2014
      • | 3706 Aufrufe
      • | 6 Kommentare
    • Carlsen Trash Talking...

      OK, this is officially my new favourite chess video. Magnus Carlsen trash talks with French GM Laurent Fressinet in a friendly blitz game (during preparation for his world championship match with Anand). Carlsen wins by a surprise checkmate, but L... | Mehr lesen

      • SonofPearl
      • | 18.01.2014
      • | 7639 Aufrufe
      • | 22 Kommentare
    • A Point Of View: The Turk

      The chess Candidates Tournament currently being held in London isn't getting a lot of direct publicity, but it does seem to be sparking off chess-related articles in the media. The BBC radio show "A Point of View" has weekly reflections on topica... | Mehr lesen

      • SonofPearl
      • | 24.03.2013
      • | 3680 Aufrufe
      • | 3 Kommentare
    • The Isle of Man 'Lewis Chessmen' Stamps

      The Isle of Man has produced some nice stamps featuring the famous Lewis Chessmen. I've always liked the style of these 12th century pieces - an amazing historical artefact! See more here. Our Medieval Treasure Island We are pleased to presen... | Mehr lesen

      • SonofPearl
      • | 18.01.2013
      • | 4464 Aufrufe
      • | 8 Kommentare
    • Beating a GM with the Morra Gambit!

      The Morra Gambit is hugely popular at amateur level despite being regarded by "theory" as insufficient compensation for a pawn. Grandmasters aren't supposed to lose against the Morra Gambit, but GM Viesturs Meijers (Elo 2479) of Latvia lost to An... | Mehr lesen

      • SonofPearl
      • | 11.01.2013
      • | 4709 Aufrufe
      • | 14 Kommentare
    • Excellent Judit Polgar Interview!

      In a week's time Judit Polgar will be competing in the London Chess Classic against the best chess players in the world. Judit has been the strongest female chess player for two decades, and has achieved this by competing with the best men rather... | Mehr lesen

      • SonofPearl
      • | 24.11.2012
      • | 5289 Aufrufe
      • | 11 Kommentare
    • Does Katy Perry Play Chess?

      Pop star Katy Perry is so famous that even I have heard of her. This is no mean achievement since I pretty much stopped listening to chart music circa 1992 . Since Ms. Perry is extremely famous I have to assume that the first picture at this link... | Mehr lesen

      • SonofPearl
      • | 10.08.2012
      • | 5142 Aufrufe
      • | 17 Kommentare
    • Prada's Chess Playing Models!

      The fashion label Prada must think that chess is cool, because they're latest advertising campaign includes models playing something that looks suspiciously like chess. I'm not sure that models are exactly the sort of people who would best promot... | Mehr lesen

      • SonofPearl
      • | 09.08.2012
      • | 3704 Aufrufe
      • | 6 Kommentare