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Not many people know this openning

So I thought to write something after a long time. This time, we will take a look at "Catalan Opening" one of the few openings ever played in chess. 


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    Thank you so much for the links, your constructive comment and the little heads-up on the "malapropism" word...I have no clue on how I got that typed..Probably because I was responding to your comment on my iPad and as always I forgot to hit the "space bar key" so the auto-correction suggester typed that word. Sorry about that.

    Ya, the "Catalan opening is indeed unpopular between chess players" but don't forget that someone experienced like you with a rating of +2000 might have probably heard about it, or otherwise know it inside and out :D. I thought to share this because I've been playing chess for 12 years and never seen such opening like this! Plus, to let others see some unpopular side of chess!



    P.S - Check this out 


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    Yeah looking at the Game Explorer shows the Catalan is even more unpopular than I thought it was. But at least it's sound!

    BTW don't take offense I'm really not trying to "get on your case" but a malapropism is an act or habit of misusing words ridiculously, especially by the confusion of words that are similar in soundMy impression was you meant to say "one of the least popular openings" when I first read your OP so what you wrote doesn't look like a malapropism just a bad case of editing or proof reading!Tongue Out

    Here's a few links you might find interesting http://en.chessbase.com/home/TabId/211/PostId/4001755


    3.Nc3 28,257
    39.7% 37% 23.3%
    3.Nf3 17,608
    41.9% 37.4% 20.6%
    3.cxd5 512
    29.5% 43.2% 27.3%
    3.g3 346
    40.2% 32.1% 27.7%
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    You're correct I've used a malapropism saying that (Sorry for the confusion) ...However, according to google, this milieu of opening is one of the most unpopular one's. Thanks for your advice and comment. 


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    "...one of the few openings ever played in chess?" I don't think this is exactly what you meant to say, or write

    As far as the Catalan Opening goes, it's a swell opening - providing you happen to be V Smyslov, V Korchnoi, V Kramnik or someone else with their positional skills and talent

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