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One of my cats died today, and that made me think of all the other pets i have seen die. I am getting very emotonial and depessed. Does anybody have any advice for me? listening to Johnny Cash's hurt doesn't help either :(


  • vor 23 Monate


    Very sorry for your loss.

  • vor 24 Monate


    Very soory for your loss. We have three cats and they are treated like family. It is a very difficult thing to deal with and you will never forget that cat. You should keep yourself busy so as to keep your mind off of it for awhile. Mabye after a sad time you will adopt another animal soon.

  • vor 24 Monate


    srry for your cat dieing....   remember that the love you have for your pets never really goes away, they are an gift and you can be thankful always.  I've lost many pets and it does get better...i still think about my great dog "zeke" even though he went last fall.

  • vor 24 Monate


    im really sorry for your loss, cats are the best. =(

  • vor 24 Monate


    ive had many pets die, you just need to try and take your mind off of it in any way, chess seems pretty good! And once your happy you can find more optomism for later much easier.

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