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Danielminghe’s Blog

    • Interesting Game from a recent tournament...

      so i recently played a tourn and played this guy named samuel he who is like 2240 uscf rated. ive played him in the past before, and in our most recent match, i lost with white against him. i played 1. nf3 and stuff like that and samuel he crushed... | Mehr lesen

    • Daniel He - Samuel He 0-1

      Hello! Haven't posted in a long time... I recently played my brother SamHe (nocheatingkid on chess.com) in a tournament game, and it was a crazy game. Usually, we agree on a short draw in tournament games whenever we play, but this time, we both ... | Mehr lesen

    • WA High School Championship games

      A few of my games from the recent WA High school championship.     Round 4 against James Colasurdo. Round 5 against Samir Sen | Mehr lesen

    • Fascinating game I played

      This is my last round game against Ivan Eilshev (2287) at NAO. I noticed from his previous round that he was a very slow player, and I was happy since I knew I would always get a time advantage. He played a surprise opening, the wing gambit sicil... | Mehr lesen

    • Exciting win against Roland Feng

      | Mehr lesen

    • North American Open Summary + Games

      I recently played North American Open U2300 rating section and I scored 5/7 points. I played pretty well overall, but I definitely have areas to improve. Here are a few of my games and short summaries. Round 1: I played black against Tang Tang ... | Mehr lesen

    • Preparing for North American Open

      Hello chess players, friends, stalkers, ... After reading my brother's lengthy post about his preparation for the upcoming North American Open, I was inspired and decided to write one as well. If you want to read my brother's post, here is the lin... | Mehr lesen

    • Very interesting game I played

      Another game from my recent tournament, WA Class. A very interesting win...     | Mehr lesen

    • Exciting game I played

        This game is from a recent tournament I played in.     | Mehr lesen

    • Games from team tournament

      Round 1 against Philip Valdez (1300)...   Round 2 against Andrew Porisch (1760)     Round 3 against Masayuki Nagase (1900)   Round 4 against ToTo Nagase (1900)      Round 5 against Noah Yeo (1700)       Finally, the most excit... | Mehr lesen