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  • Knowledge vs Belief (chess psychology)

    You might have noticed that a lot of my blog posts are inspired by my students and this one is no different. I think I am very blessed because my students are very diverse - what is a tough issue for one seems a non issue for the other, while this... | Mehr lesen

  • "Roller Coaster" - Luke Bryan

    This song by Luke Bryan is so very dear to my heart and has special memories I will have in me forever...I love this guy! Saw him in Concert at Virginia Beach 2 months ago and saw him perform this song :) "Roller Coaster" by Luke Bryan https://w... | Mehr lesen

  • #2 in DC

    After a disastrous performance in NewYork, I had few days to recoup my thoughts and energies for the 2nd DC International from June 26-30, 2014. This tournament is technically considered as a warmup for the World Open, but looking at the prize fun... | Mehr lesen

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  • GM Krush vs GM N.Kosintseva in Death Match 26

    Мои комментарии на русском языке. Подробности матча: http://www.chess.com/article/view/will-hope-be-krushed-at-death-match-26. | Mehr lesen

  • Ruy Lopez, Schliemann Defense

    Learn about the Schliemann Defence or Jaenisch Gambit, a sharp line in which Black plays for a kingside attack, frequently sacrificing one or two pawns.   Subscribe  @  http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tyrone0ferrara ... | Mehr lesen

  • Ruy Lopez, Steinitz Defense

    Learn how to play with and agianst the Ruy Lopez with the Steinitz Defense, also called the Old Steinitz Defence.   Subscribe  @  http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tyrone0ferrara   Join me on Facebook @ Tyrone ... | Mehr lesen

  • Ruy Lopez, Bird's Defense

    Learn about the eccentric Henry Bird and the way he defended against the Ruy Lopez.    Subscribe  @  http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tyrone0ferrara   Join me on Facebook @ Tyrone Ferrara    | Mehr lesen

  • Finally did it!

    Today I finally did it! I reached my goal of no longer having more losses than wins in bullet chess: my new record in bullet, after having played 11,256 games (!) (a lot of late nights staying up until 2 am or so...), is an even 5,448 wins, 5,448 ... | Mehr lesen

  • Brigs favorite cars:

    | Mehr lesen

  • 2014 US Open Game 1

    I almost scored my first win against a 2000+ player today. Almost is the operative word, unfortunately. | Mehr lesen

    • Chessmo
    • | 26.07.2014
    • | 110 Aufrufe
    • | 6 Kommentare
  • About 'My Take'

    In my blog articles about openings, you will find a section called My Take. This section is just my observations after going over games with the topic opening. You will also find a link to the games I used for these observations. Here is the pro... | Mehr lesen

    • kleelof
    • | 26.07.2014
    • | 68 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • B70 - Sicilian Defense, Dragon Variation

    Before reading this, I would suggest reading about the Sicilian: http://www.chess.com/blog/kleelof/b20---the-sicilian-defense           http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicilian_Defence,_Dragon_Variation     This video is quite ... | Mehr lesen

    • kleelof
    • | 26.07.2014
    • | 86 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • My first titled player victory!

    Hello, my name is Venkat and I'm a National Master currently residing in southern California. I'm aiming for a weekly post of either one of my games or a game I've studied and annotated recently, both as a method of instruction and a means of pra... | Mehr lesen

    • NM VennyIce
    • | 26.07.2014
    • | 942 Aufrufe
    • | 9 Kommentare
  • Sensevity

    I have a problem with the sensivity of the boards' peices. When I pick them up, sometimes they accendendly drop, and that has cost me pieces and the whole game. Is there a way to change it? | Mehr lesen

    • ps4gaming
    • | 26.07.2014
    • | 51 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • Idul Fitri 1435 H

    | Mehr lesen

    • Pujakelana
    • | 26.07.2014
    • | 181 Aufrufe
    • | 2 Kommentare
  • Ruy Lopez, Cozio Defense

    Here's an interesting try for Black against the Ruy Lopez, the Cozio Defense (ECO C60), because it's one of the least explored defensive variations.    Subscribe  @  http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tyrone0ferrara ... | Mehr lesen

  • Ruy Lopez, Smyslov Defense

    Learn to play with and against the Smyslov Defence, Fianchetto Defence, or Barnes Defence (ECO C60), a quiet positional system which became popular in the 1980s when it was shown that 4.c3 a6! gives Black a good game.   Subscribe  @  h... | Mehr lesen

  • Ruy Lopez, Master Video

    This is the key video to exploring the Ruy Lopez,  complete with marginal links to navigate the various lines.  To select a line to explore, hover the mouse over the move, listed in the margin, and click the link.        Subscribe  @... | Mehr lesen

  • Ruy Lopez, Noah's Ark Trap

    BK Academy of Chess presents the Noah's Ark Trap, a chess opening trap in the Ruy Lopez from out of the  Modern Steinitz and Closed Defense.       Subscribe  @  http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tyrone0ferrara Join... | Mehr lesen

  • Free Yourself:

    | Mehr lesen

  • Ruy Lopez, Mortimer Trap

    Learn how to play with and against the Mortimer Trap, a trap for Black to set against the Ruy Lopez.   Subscribe  @  http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tyrone0ferrara   Join me on Facebook @ Tyrone Ferrara    | Mehr lesen

  • Ruy Lopez, Tarrasch Trap

    Learn the Tarrasch Trap as played by Siegbert Tarrasch in two different chess openings of the Ruy Lopez.    Subscribe  @  http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tyrone0ferrara   Join me on Facebook @ Tyrone Ferrara... | Mehr lesen

  • Chess Simul with GM Levan Aroshidze

    1995 World Under-10 Chess Champion GM Levan Aroshidze will be playing an online chess simul on Thursday, July 31st, 2014 at 2:00 PM PDT (5:00 PM Eastern). The games will be played in Chess.com's Live Chess server. The time control is 30|30; that... | Mehr lesen

    • GeniusKJ
    • | 26.07.2014
    • | 297 Aufrufe
    • | 1 Kommentar
  • آخر بازی های دو اسب در برابر پیاده

    در این بلاگ چهار نمونه از آخربازی های دو اسب در برابر پیاده گذاشته شده است که دارنده ی دو اسب بازی را برده است و این کار را با بلوکه کردن پ... | Mehr lesen

    • sobhankhe
    • | 26.07.2014
    • | 69 Aufrufe
    • | 4 Kommentare
  • FICS: game 01

    | Mehr lesen

    • kensaikid
    • | 26.07.2014
    • | 114 Aufrufe
    • | 1 Kommentar
  • Living off the Grid Real Freedom:

    | Mehr lesen

  • It's Easy

    Learn how to play with and against the French Defense in this easy to follow and well organized overview. In addition to covering the general concepts, ideas, and pawn structures, this video also reviews the major lines being played by the GMs. ... | Mehr lesen

  • Mars 2.5 and Mars 2.6 - (strong) chess engines UCI (based on Ippolit) . New versions 26.07.2014

    More | Mehr lesen

    • Jotes64
    • | 26.07.2014
    • | 56 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare