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  • دو ریالی صلواتی

    من دکتر متخصص اطفال هستم. سالها قبل چکی از بانک نقد کردم و بیرون آمدم. کنار بانک، دست‌فروشی بساط باطری، ساعت، فیلم عکاسی و اجناس دیگری په... | Mehr lesen

  • Attacking Concepts

    Don't know whether this idea actually works or not but White could have certainly won the game with the obvious 19. Rc3. | Mehr lesen

  • Some cheaters are so stupid! Case in point: azeez2565gm

    This doofus achieved a rating of over 2300 in seven games!  With a vainglorious usernamer, and obvious use of an engine, how could he not be banned with a cheater badge? These are the first 10 online games by member:azeez2565gm. http://www.chess... | Mehr lesen

  • APJ Abdul Kalam passes away

    One of the greatest scientists of our country and certainly the best president of our great nation, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam is no more. He had cardiac arrest while giving a seminar in IIM Shillong. He was my hero in real life and I am in a state of... | Mehr lesen

    • sanath1987
    • | 27.07.2015
    • | 253 Aufrufe
    • | 9 Kommentare
  • The thing with the "ideal center"

    I can still remember when I've started to study openings in chess group at school, to improve my chess skills. The first thing I've had to learn was the meaning of the four central squares (e4, e5, d4 and d5).From there it didn't take much time to... | Mehr lesen

  • Extreme human behaviour

    | Mehr lesen

    • | 27.07.2015
    • | 725 Aufrufe
    • | 20 Kommentare
  • Checkmate in two

    Black resigned at this point, but can you find the forced mate in two?  http://en.lichess.org/hw9NH3HR#0 | Mehr lesen

    • Crocker710
    • | 27.07.2015
    • | 112 Aufrufe
    • | 1 Kommentar
  • Pigs on the 7th

    Pigs on the 7th   Going beyond attacking the King, I was searching for an instructive game to present to players making their first foray into the realms of strategy.   What better than Alekhine-Yates, London 1922 1-0 which illustrates the t... | Mehr lesen

  • Secure the way

    In today's tactical training from Blokh's Combination Motives, I was stumped on the following position and couldn't conceive a candidate move   Can you solve?   Blokh Diagram 570 Difficulty 6   What made this difficult for me is that I ... | Mehr lesen

  • Queening tactics

    In my daily tactical training, I came across this position which I never considered the move   Can you solve the following?   I instead looked at 1. Be4 but could not find a continuation after Rxe4. I desired an interference along the e-fi... | Mehr lesen

  • How to Play Like Magnus Carlsen — #18

    White: Andrean Susilodinata (2242) Black: Magnus Carlsen (2250) Event: Wch U12, Heraklio (9) Date:  2002-11-22 | Mehr lesen

  • Tournament Favourites take top honours in 2nd Singapore Masters Blitz Invitational 2015

    Just 3 months after Singapore's best funded and strongest chess tournament (in recent years) 1st Singapore Masters Blitz Invitational had ended, Olimpiu Urcan and Mark Tan went one better by upping the prize fund to about $2000 for the 2nd Singapo... | Mehr lesen

    • CM juniortay
    • | 27.07.2015
    • | 631 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • puzzle number 15

    hello everyvone and welcome to 15 puzzle. Today it'll be a puzzle from match beetween bernstein-capablanca HAVE FUN! have a nice day! Piotrchess | Mehr lesen

    • piotrchess
    • | 27.07.2015
    • | 206 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • Marshall Attack (Part 2): Introduction 11...c6

    In my first blog, I discovered the origins of the Marshall Attack that was first seen in the famous game Capablanca vs. Marshall (New York 1918). Marshall played the novelty 8...d5 to use the fact that White's queenside is still undeveloped: ... | Mehr lesen

    • kurze15
    • | 27.07.2015
    • | 82 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • My St. Pauli Open Round 7-9

    Here comes episode 3 of my St. Pauli Open report. After bitter losses in the second episode, I needed to change something. I started to analyse the games my opponents played in previous rounds to get an idea of the opening I will face over the boa... | Mehr lesen

    • A_Tack
    • | 27.07.2015
    • | 198 Aufrufe
    • | 2 Kommentare
  • Learning from the legends

    Let's start by looking at a game by the great GM Boris Spassky This was a lightly annotated game, and one we should know by heart - it's just so beautiful!   Let's see if we can solve this tactic:Black has just played ...Bxf3?? in a technical... | Mehr lesen

    • NM linlaoda
    • | 27.07.2015
    • | 840 Aufrufe
    • | 8 Kommentare
  • Fischer's Bust to the King's Gambit

    A BUST TO THE KING'S GAMBIT  by U.S. Champion Bobby Fischer  International Grandmaster  The King's Gambit has lost popularity, but not sympathy.  Analysts treat it with kid gloves and seem reluctant to  demonstrate an outright refuatation.... | Mehr lesen

  • Analyzing One's Games

    I want to improve by going over my past games, but I'm not quite sure of any good methods to do it. Any advice or strategies? | Mehr lesen

  • Seattle City Championships 2015

    (Photo #57752 courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives.) I don't think anyone notices who ends up as the Seattle City Champion:  it's just an excuse for another local tournament.  In round 1 a young Expert sacrificed a piece against me: Th... | Mehr lesen

    • mkkuhner
    • | 26.07.2015
    • | 112 Aufrufe
    • | 2 Kommentare
  • A music for you as a gift - J.S. Bach - st Matthew Passion

    | Mehr lesen

  • First Chess Lesson (7/22)

    I want to use this blog to keep track of the things Jeffrey tells me at lessons. This is late, but in the future, I'll be more timely and complete. 1. We worked on the rook-and-king and queen-and-king endgames - Jeffrey with just a king, and me w... | Mehr lesen

  • Attack on castled king

    | Mehr lesen

  • My Simult With IM Attila: An analysis of the a6 Slav

    Saturday, I participated in IM Attila Turzo's weekly Simult. Its really a great service that Attila is providing in offering these simults as he gives weaker player a chance to play a longer time control game against a strong opponent. More than t... | Mehr lesen

    • jdcannon
    • | 26.07.2015
    • | 558 Aufrufe
    • | 4 Kommentare
  • LIVE Blitz Chess Commentary #316: Caro-Kann, Exchange

    This is a blitz chess game I played as white with time control 3|2. The opening was the Caro-Kann, exchange variation. White aims to restrict black's light-squared bishop. Black however still manages to activate the light-squared bishop, obtain a ... | Mehr lesen

  • puzzles

    this is the place to post puzzles | Mehr lesen