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  • Турнир Chess-960, схема-24374. Первый обзор.

    Неделю назад начался турнир, в котором в восьми группах сейчас проходит первый раунд, состоящий из 240 партий, из которых на момент напис... | Mehr lesen

    • StSteve
    • | 20.11.2014
    • | 77 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • Carlsen-Anand 2014, Game 9

    Dangerous stuff by Carlsen, giving a short and easy draw with white. Usually suffering follows shortly, we'll see tomorrow! Here're some thoughts on today's game with analysis and download: http://www.alexcolovic.com/2014/11/carlsen-anand-2014-g... | Mehr lesen

  • OffSpring of the darkness

    caught in catapult of time released like a germicide into the fear of the nation lost in the multitude of ever trembling currents I drift to never land and fan the flames of the darkness | Mehr lesen

    • Dubblex
    • | 20.11.2014
    • | 73 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • JIC

     Hi everybody! I should keep announcing this every now and again. I have 2 of now the newest and growing chess.com competitions.  1. The Junior International Cup (Under 18 World League)  The 2015 competition started a few days ago, to make it i... | Mehr lesen

    • Henry1996
    • | 20.11.2014
    • | 99 Aufrufe
    • | 1 Kommentar
  • Vidéos démos Tactiques

    Partage de viséos | Mehr lesen

    • GladiatOx
    • | 20.11.2014
    • | 106 Aufrufe
    • | 2 Kommentare
  • Game 9 - 2014 World Chess Championship - Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand

    This is game 9 from the 2014 World Chess Championship match between defending champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway, and challenger Viswanathan Anand of India. Game 9, if not the shortest game (time-wise) in world chess championship history, is certai... | Mehr lesen

  • Pour un petit pion...

    Lente sur Chess.com de 90 minutes + 30 secondes par coup. Mon adversaire n'a pas senti le besoin de penser beaucoup plus que 30 secondes par coup. À la fin de la partie, son horloge affichait encore 89 minutes... Moi 22. | Mehr lesen

    • Possador
    • | 20.11.2014
    • | 96 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • عشق پاک

    تقدیم به عشق پاک   ارامش چیست چطور انسان ارام میشود کودکی چیست کی بالغ میشویم عشق چیست تا بحال عاشق شدی صداقت چیست دوست اش داری به چه قیم... | Mehr lesen

  • Il pedone debole...

    Avevo preparato tutto... individuato il pedone debole e attaccato con pezzi sufficienti...    la mia mossa è stat 25. ... Txc3 a cui lui ha risposto 26. Dxc5 e siamo arrivati a poi mi si è annebbiata la vista... Risolvi l'enigma. Che mos... | Mehr lesen

    • mocare11o
    • | 20.11.2014
    • | 122 Aufrufe
    • | 1 Kommentar
  • How to beat Computer 4-IMPOSSIBLE

    Maybe you've been told that the best way to beat comp 4 (or any other chess engine) is to close the position, make some kind of a fortress and slowly strangle it to death. In other words, try to play positionally, where computers fail to recognize... | Mehr lesen

  • 訃報 高倉健死去。

    高倉健さんが、2014年11月10日に亡くなった。  青森県が舞台の健さん主演の映画と言えば 「八甲田山」や「海峡」があるが naruzoが一番好きなのは 「夜叉」(舞台は大阪、福井県... | Mehr lesen

    • naruzo
    • | 20.11.2014
    • | 103 Aufrufe
    • | 1 Kommentar
  • Siberian winter

    I haven't blogged in a while.... so I figured I'd share this blitzgame I played on the Internet Chess Club. It's the first time I think I've ever gotten to use the Siberian trap. | Mehr lesen

    • PigJones
    • | 20.11.2014
    • | 111 Aufrufe
    • | 1 Kommentar
  • Sakitnya tuh disini and French Defence

    | Mehr lesen

  • روحت شاد و یادت گرامی مرتضی پاشایی

    متن آهنگ نگران منی از مرتضی پاشایی :    تو به جای منم داری زجر می کشی یکی عاشقته که تو عاشقشیتو به جای منم پر قصه شدی نذار خسته بشم نگو خس... | Mehr lesen

    • CaspianSea
    • | 20.11.2014
    • | 128 Aufrufe
    • | 3 Kommentare
  • San Sebastian 1911

    http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chesscollection?cid=1012241 | Mehr lesen

    • brahman99
    • | 20.11.2014
    • | 118 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • Pirc gone bad!

          I'm no expert in the Pirc defense lines, but I get the feeling a lot of the players around my level aren't either. When I see my opponent play the Pirc, I know (generally speaking) that I'll be getting a good attack and fairly sizable adv... | Mehr lesen

    • sam_reimer
    • | 19.11.2014
    • | 104 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • West Chicago: Evanston - IMSA

    This was a tough tournament for me. Although my chess skills have improved slightly, I realized that I was developing psychological weaknesses and become lazy when evaluating positions. Still, I managed to go undefeated, 1-3-0 ! Here's round two.... | Mehr lesen

  • Attack with the Sicilian Dragon

    Hello chess friends! I haven’t had much time to post around the World Championship taking place. In fact, it proved to be a fascinating event and I will be making a special post about it next week. Right now, I would like to share with you a ver... | Mehr lesen

  • Just a reminder - my name is Andrea, not any of the following .. thanks :)

    - Honey   - sugar/sugarplum/sugar honey/etc- dear- goddess   - empress- mistress- sexy   - lady- mama- babe/baby/baybay/babi/baybi/etc- Sweetie- little girl- Love- Angel- Princess- Queen- Kitten- Cutie   Or any other pet name! I don't ... | Mehr lesen

  • Observations through fresh eyes.

    I joined this site a long time ago, like last winter. When I was here, i found it quite receptive and sorta fun. Now, maybe I was wearing rose colored glasses, but now, it's different. For one, a lot of the people are just mean, and quite condesc... | Mehr lesen

  • Yes, you can become a chess master, here's how: part 9

    For those new to this series, feel free to check out my blog and see the first 8 parts. My mission for the last 2.5 years has been to teach you to teach yourself how to become a chess master. My YouTube videos show you how. This blog series is to ... | Mehr lesen

    • NM aww-rats
    • | 19.11.2014
    • | 612 Aufrufe
    • | 4 Kommentare
  • Snake oil and woo!

    I'm subscribed to this guy's channel, he usually talks about all things guitar related and I like his no nonsense approach. I went onto youtube today and this came up as his latest video. It was nice to see we have another thing in common other th... | Mehr lesen


    | Mehr lesen


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  • Tactic Nezhmetdinov

    | Mehr lesen

    • Stephenson2
    • | 19.11.2014
    • | 110 Aufrufe
    • | 2 Kommentare