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  • Review from Internacional master Dejan Stojanovski

    Dear chess friends and students, Here I will share my last review from fanstastic Igor Smirnov book.You can read my comments here. This is page:http://chess-teacher.com/review-of-igor-smirnov-book-by-im-dejan-stojanovsk/ Regards Internacional ... | Mehr lesen

  • Campeonato del Mundo de Ajedrez Rápido

    Del 10 al 15 de Octubre los mejores jugadores del mundo se enfrentaran entre ellos en un formato poco habitual. A velocidad de vértigo y ronda tras ronda sin descanso van a decidir quién será el próximo Campeón del Mundo de semirápidas y el... | Mehr lesen

  • Positional Puzzle

    (answer: spoiler alert) The theme was "trapped piece", and we were supposed to notice the bad h7 bishop, and let that guide us to find the element g4-g5, trapping it forever.I know, it's only one problem, but these are just problems I think ab... | Mehr lesen

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  • Mukilteo Free Rapid Quads #1

    It was very nice of Travis Olson to run a free chess tournament for us, (it was rated!). It was at the Mukilteo Library, and attracted 10 players. It was a quad format, and at first my quad was to have David Bragg (2200-2202), Travis Olson (1832-1... | Mehr lesen

  • Простотиите на уникат-а

    Преди няколко месеца беше заявил, че дава 50 евро на този с първи 2 победи в мач срещу Унгария. Случи се съвсем случайно аз да бъда първи ... | Mehr lesen

    • AIM-AceMove
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 166 Aufrufe
    • | 4 Kommentare
  • Winning does not mean won

    About a year ago, I came very close to getting a big scalp. I had a winning position against a 2000+ player, let it slip, had an objectively drawn position but showed lack of technique and finally lost. This time, I came a step closer. I had a wor... | Mehr lesen

    • Nietsoj
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 176 Aufrufe
    • | 1 Kommentar
  • Introduction to Rook Endings--Building the Bridge

    Today I would like to look at a common theme in Rook Endings. It is called "Building a Bridge". This occurs when one side has an extra pawn on the seventh rank, and the losing side (I shall refer to it as "Black", and to the winning side as "Whi... | Mehr lesen

    • Robert0905
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 174 Aufrufe
    • | 10 Kommentare
  • Tell a personal secret

    We all have our dreams as well as secrets. Sharing them publicly gives very engaging content to the followers. As much as people love rumors, they love to know the dirty little secrets of other people. | Mehr lesen

  • He Dominated Me Just Till Two Last Moves.. Wonderfull Turnaround

    | Mehr lesen

    • colazero13
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 115 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • Decoy

    Cousin of deflection | Mehr lesen

    • Ronliv
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 63 Aufrufe
    • | 3 Kommentare
  • Coordination

    Opens possibility for sacrifice | Mehr lesen

    • Ronliv
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 71 Aufrufe
    • | 2 Kommentare
  • Opening training #01

    D20: Queen's Gambit Accepted C02: French Defense: Advance Variation, Main Line C42: Petrov's Defense #2 C41: Philidor Defense: Exchange Variation #2 | Mehr lesen

  • Correspondence Massacre

    Not very common to win miniatures in correspondence. Enjoy! | Mehr lesen

    • AzraelA
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 75 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • معشوقه وفا به کس نجوید

      سنایی » دیوان اشعار » غزلیات   عاشق مشوید اگر توانید تا در غم عاشقی نمانید این عشق به اختیار نبود دانم که همین قدر بدانید ه... | Mehr lesen


    Hello!  About 2 weeks ago I decided to start my own Youtube chess channel. I did that for a couple of reasons:  Posting content frequently helps me in being more consistent with my chess  training.  I was hoping that, via Youtube comments,... | Mehr lesen

    • nemichelis
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 344 Aufrufe
    • | 4 Kommentare

    Hi everyone, I'm sharing my local tournament games with my own analyzes because i wanna remember my momentary ideas during the games and take new ideas from the readers. Now we are in beautiful city Antalya, at Deepo Chess Center. First round, I h... | Mehr lesen

    • auxilia07
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 120 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • !!!!!!!!!!!من یک جای خوب زندگی میکنم

    من در شهری زندگی میکنم که...       مرگ بر آمریکا میگویند ولی آرزویشان این است که آمریکا را حداقل   یکبار ببینند..!!     شهری که مردم برای بال... | Mehr lesen

    • Aliggator
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 122 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • Telford A v Priorslee Lions A

    After the first round matches in the league it has become very clear that although current champions once again survival maybe the first target before even daring to consider challenging for the league, as nearly all the teams appear to be stronge... | Mehr lesen

  • 960 This is as well as I can play

    By any measure, I can't play better than this. On Oct. 24, 2011, I achieved my best rating (1853) in correspondence 960 games at chess dot com. Yesterday I peaked at 1894, which put me in the 99.5 percentile, ahead of 111,124 other players. Stoc... | Mehr lesen

  • Know your openings - Evans Gambit

    Here are some of the main variations in the Evan's Gambit to be familiar with after black takes the pawn on b4. I have included some variations in both the Ba5 and Be7 lines. Enjoy  | Mehr lesen

    • taffy76
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 119 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • Queen's Gambit Declined: Marshall Gambit

    On Sunday I have beaten the strongest opponent in my chess career so far. I was clearly the underdog against my 250 ELO points stronger opponent (2251 FIDE). However, I tried the sharp Marshall Gambit of the Queen's Gambit Declined and it became o... | Mehr lesen

    • kurze15
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 82 Aufrufe
    • | 0 Kommentare
  • Free anlysis

    hii all... please post your games for free analysis | Mehr lesen

  • "Very good afternoon".

    | Mehr lesen

    • DeepaVenna
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 53 Aufrufe
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  • "Have a nice day"

    | Mehr lesen

    • DeepaVenna
    • | 08.10.2015
    • | 55 Aufrufe
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  • 1.d4 Queen's Gambit Accepted, for the first time.

    I decided to look at playing 1.d4 for the first time seriously.  I was hoping for a Queen's Gambit Accepted game and got what I was looking for.  I played it incorrectly I'm sure as you will see I went a piece down by not moving my bishop back f... | Mehr lesen

    • Bumper72
    • | 07.10.2015
    • | 99 Aufrufe
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  • Great mate in 5 in my bullet game

    http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=1306460713 | Mehr lesen

  • Saving a lost position

    As competitors we all like to win chess games.However as we are imperfect we will always sooner or later wind up in inferior or even lost positions throughout our chess careers.So how to save a half point or win from an inferior or lost position?F... | Mehr lesen

  • People I know IRL on here.

         Through all of my accounts, I'm always asked "who do you know irl that's on this site"? Well, finally I'll partly answer that question.   I know several that I will tell publically: mromanian killerminidoxin joeblowmoejoe Valerie3 ... | Mehr lesen