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  • Cars and chess

    Cars and chess players sometime don't make very good mates.  Here are a few items about cars, car accidents, and chess players.     In 1901, Johannes von Minckwitz (1843-1901) committed suicide by stepping in front of a street car near Biebr... | Mehr lesen

  • CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 04.18.2015 - day 129

    World Champion Jose Raul Capablanca beat Glicco in Mexico in 1933: White to move and mate in 1: World Champion Bobby Fischer won against T. Kumro in a simul in Cicero in 1964: White to move and mate in 2: My student Norbert Bodo from Bud... | Mehr lesen

  • Gashimov Memorial 2015 - Round 2

    So drew his first game against Kramnik while Mamedyarov finds it difficult to play at home with Carlsen - perhaps he's too good a host? Analysis of the second round in Shamkir at http://www.alexcolovic.com/2015/04/gashimov-memorial-2015-round-2.... | Mehr lesen

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