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  • Calculation Trumps Understanding!

    Just a blitz game, so my talking about calculation is nonsense because there were tactical flaws, but it's a neat game. White makes huge concessions in exchange for a positional bind that makes kingside development difficult.  But the concrete f... | Mehr lesen

  • Attacks in the Opening

    Hello Chess Fans,   Have your opening moves become ROTE?  Do you play the same 8 to 10 opening moves every time?  Chess is a game of calculation, tactics, attacks and shear bravado and nerves, which is why you need to be alert for Dynamic  ... | Mehr lesen

  • How to Build an Attack in the Benoni?

    The ETCC in Reykjavik saw more than one amazing game. The attack that Pavel Eljanov created in round eight against Grzegorz Gajewski can be a good rival of Tomashevsky's jewel. In a typical Benoni-type of position the Ukrainian GM managed to open... | Mehr lesen

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