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  • Blitz Open 2000-2500

    CHESS RESULTS   1.[2486]Aubahunagau Masminder 1 - 0 [2355] Hepnap K.U 2.[2220]Arajian Atko 0 - 1 [2006] Scooby M.F  Scooby M.F ----->   Bye Happy  | Mehr lesen


    Hello guys, ABEL IS BACK. Accounts: AnimalMaster (Abel) has won SirThomasRose (Claims to be a 1811)!! In ... | Mehr lesen


    American Open The American Open was going all swell and well... Except for the one cheater named David Whitten. Up to Round 7 he had an almost perfect score: one draw to a 1400 player. He had been vigorously shaking and it was almost seemingly th... | Mehr lesen

  • شرط گاوی

    مرد جوانی در آرزوی ازدواج با دختر کشاورزی بود. کشاورز به او گفت: «برو در آن قطعه زمین بایست. من سه گاو نر را آزاد می‌کنم. اگر توانستی دم یک... | Mehr lesen

  • Washington Class Championships

    For three days in November I played in the WA Class tournament. In the first game I won after my opponent allowed a disadvantageous isolated pawn in his structure. Then I was winning the next game with clear structural advantage, but I was too ti... | Mehr lesen

  • Cool Chess Puzzle #11 - S. Ivashchenko

    This puzzle by Sergey Ivashchenko is not very deep move-wise, but it will certainly require a strong understanding of the position to solve.  There are too many points in the "aesthetic appeal" department to type out for this puzzle. It's better ... | Mehr lesen

  • Sicilian Defence, GoDiva Variation

    DUDE isn't the Go Diva Variation a chick line? Totally Bro! WTF What is the Go Diva Variation? The Godiva Variation is a line played in the Sicilian Defence against 1.e4 (Kings Pawn Opening). Gurls love playing the GO DIVA VARIATION ECO co... | Mehr lesen

  • Walker game

    Hello world.  I'm not sure who sees this.  Here's a game I lost recently .  I got to chase my opponent's knight around while I developed pieces, though he realized he had checkmate only after 12 moves. | Mehr lesen

    • pcrequest
    • | 29.11.2015
    • | 35 Aufrufe
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  • Calculation Trumps Understanding!

    Just a blitz game, so my talking about calculation is nonsense because there were tactical flaws, but it's a neat game. White makes huge concessions in exchange for a positional bind that makes kingside development difficult.  But the concrete f... | Mehr lesen

    • NM ih8sens
    • | 29.11.2015
    • | 185 Aufrufe
    • | 1 Kommentar
  • 2015 Thanksgiving Open - Final Report

    NICK KARLOW I won my last round against National Master Nick Karlow.  The game started slowly, with nothing traded until after move 20, then fireworks ensued, and I was able to weave my way through the complications to victory! The ratings held... | Mehr lesen

  • London Chess Classic 2015 Preview and Puzzles

     The Players:   Nine players compete in all three Grand Chess Tour events: Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Veselin Topalov, Alexander Grischuk, Vishy Anand, Anish Giri, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Levon Aronian. The Londo... | Mehr lesen

  • What do the points mean?

    I was bored one day and looked at my profile. There was this thing that said "points 31". I am wondering what this means. All feedback is welcome. | Mehr lesen

  • profile thiosthakur

    Patriots vs Broncos Live Stream Source: | Mehr lesen

    • gmcura
    • | 29.11.2015
    • | 76 Aufrufe
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  • Finally taking chess seriously

    Just starting and with a diamond account. I am looking foreword to this new version of my old hobby. This is the start of Advent and I am looking forword to a new year in the Church and since I am currently disabled with a ruptured Achilles tendon... | Mehr lesen

  • thiosthakur

    Grey Cup Live Stream Source: | Mehr lesen

    • gmcura
    • | 29.11.2015
    • | 73 Aufrufe
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  • Sicilian Defence

    Theme Song Background Music: To help describe your opponents. What is the Sicilian Defence? The Sicilian Defence is a line played as black against 1.e4 (King Pawn Opening). Take a journey with me into the Sicilian Defence. The starting ... | Mehr lesen

  • Philidor Defence

    Theme Song Background Music: To help with the sorrow.  The Fighting Philidor Why do we call it the Fighting Philidor? Well we will answer this question later. Lets start at the beginning! What is the Philidor Defence? The Philido... | Mehr lesen

  • A different approach to defend against the Budapest Gambit (5min Blitz)

    When the stars align and my ability to concentrate is met by a bit of luck, I (playing White) can beat high rated Blitz players (this one being 1708). Enjoy! | Mehr lesen

    • AsAr2250
    • | 29.11.2015
    • | 87 Aufrufe
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  • Attacks in the Opening

    Hello Chess Fans,   Have your opening moves become ROTE?  Do you play the same 8 to 10 opening moves every time?  Chess is a game of calculation, tactics, attacks and shear bravado and nerves, which is why you need to be alert for Dynamic  ... | Mehr lesen

    • Samantha212
    • | 29.11.2015
    • | 422 Aufrufe
    • | 7 Kommentare
  • Retro Computer Chess part 1: The paper tiger

    In 1770, Wolfgang von Kempelen presented the world to The Turk, a chess playing automaton unlike anything the world had ever seen. It was all a hoax, however; The mechanical chess player was operated by a human player concealed inside the cabinet.... | Mehr lesen

    • BenRedic
    • | 29.11.2015
    • | 109 Aufrufe
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  • some basic ideas on french defence

    Further down is one of the key pawn structure that can occure on the french defence. the whites plans are: 1.take control of the e5 square and establish a knight there, moreover a bishop ore a rook would be also strong pieces on the e5. 2. pre... | Mehr lesen

    • esperado
    • | 29.11.2015
    • | 101 Aufrufe
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  • Ito Yukari - Itsumo Nara

    | Mehr lesen

    • Podaryonka
    • | 29.11.2015
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  • "Look Back when you in anger"

    | Mehr lesen

    • Podaryonka
    • | 29.11.2015
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  • KadaverPunk - El Guato @ Universidad de Costa Rica - Concierto Completo 2013

    Camera; Martxelo. Prodution; Anarkotrafikantti 2015. Publicado el 29 nov. 2015 El Guato en la Universidad de Costa Rica 2013 | Mehr lesen

    • Martxelo
    • | 29.11.2015
    • | 80 Aufrufe
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  • Chris Spheeris - Slow Dance

    | Mehr lesen

    • Podaryonka
    • | 29.11.2015
    • | 84 Aufrufe
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